Hunter College NYC ANP program

  1. Hello. I recently applied to and was accepted to Hunter College's ANP program in NYC?
    Is there anyone on this board who is in Hunter's grad nursing program?

    Can anyone give me advice?

    What are some of the things to expect?

    Is it a difficult program?

    How are clinicals?

    How are the professors?

    WIll it be hard for me to work full time and go to school part time?

    Thank you
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  3. by   epiphany
    I was a Hunter undergrad, but I a lot of respect grad teachers. Everytime one of them have to substitute, or just teach a course, it turned into an exciting class - they really know their stuff. I go to them all the time for advice and motivation. A recent survey we took found a huge difference in degree of satisfaction between the undergrad and grad students. If I were interested in ANP, I would definite pick Hunter over many of the brand name schools. Adult nursing is their forte. From my perspective, you are in very good place. Good luck.
  4. by   kimaboogie00
    Thanks epiphany for the great advice.