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Just curious....... those who have recently started their graduate programs, How is it going? Im in my 2nd semester of FNP program......... TONS of reading....... have a 18-20 page paper due,... Read More

  1. by   CardioTrans
    The end of the semester is here. How is everyone???? We start back Jan 5th, Im looking forward to being able to read something for pure enjoyment!!!!

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!!!
  2. by   mom and nurse
    I'm in my first semester of a ANP program (part time - 2 classes at a time). I'm also working full time 5 days a week, plus I'm married with teens and one son in college as a freshman another son preparing to go to college in the fall. Just finished my paper on Friday and my final for one class today. After finishing a final today I walked outside and could actually feel the sunshine on my face. I have one more final on Thursday in Pharmacy class. I'm praying I'll be able to keep up with all the reading.... and survive this program. I have had days when I seriously wondered if I must have been out of my mind to attempt this with a full time job and teens at home.... I plan to try to cut back my hours in the fall.... Maybe I'll have time to cook again.... though the kids think they are eating better than they ever have before (pizza...mcdonald's, food from the local chinese restaurant...). Fortunately, my husband is supportive..... I wish everyone well during their finals. As for me, I want to just read a good book for fun!