Help! Should I retake this class for CRNA school?????

  1. Hi nurses.
    I am a RN with a BSN. Actually I have 2 bachelor degrees. My 1st in Exericse & Sports Science. I'm 27 years old. Been an RN for 3 years (3 years in Aug). Worked on a Medical/Tele floor and now just got hired into an ICU (MICU/SICU). Goal is to be a CRNA. I took A&P 2 before A&P1, took A&P2 as undergrad when I was 18 years old as a freshmen with the mind set of "not caring" like many other 18 year olds. Anyways I got an 2.0. took A&P 1 the next year and got a 3.0. My question is, a 2.0 is not good, so should I retake A&P2 so it would look better when I apply to CRNA schools?

    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    most school require a 3.0 or better for overall GPA and Science classes.
  4. by   ICU, RN, BSN, B.S.
    Yea, my overalls are about 3.4 for both my Bachelor degrees.
  5. by   tyvin
    Your question IMO should be are you comfortable starting such an aggressive program that will expect you to know your A&P. Do you know enough?

    Also would you benefit ... which one did you only make a 2. in?
  6. by   RN in training
    agree with above post- whether your grades are good enough is not as important as how comfortable you are with the material? from what i understand, CRNA programs require a VERY firm and solid understanding of basic A&P principles. just something to consider... good luck!