Eliminating MSNs for DNPs?

  1. I heard recently that the ACNP is pushing to move from MSN programs to DNP programs only. Some schools, I was told, are planning to eliminate their MSN programs within the next year or two. Is this true? Will DNP be the only option within a few years? Does anyone have more information about this?

    I was planning to apply for an MSN program within the next 1-3 years so this could have a huge impact on my decision. Any info would be much appreciated!

    Thanks :-)
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  3. by   KatieMI
    There is a idea to make DNP required for entry-level nursing mid-level providers at 2015.

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Homednp/roadmapreport.pdf

    Although, the very similar idea about making BSN required for entry-level RN positions is like 30 years old already, and ADN programs are still mostly alive and well.
  4. by   PNicholas
    I struggle with these decisions also. I know I do not want to stop with just my ADN. I am constantly told...you can not get a job without a BSN. Even though, my school is one of the best, if not the best, ADN program in the state. I have all my BSN pre reqs but, do I go RN to BSN or RN to MSN?? I can enter my BSN program of choice next fall since I graduate in May. What are the upsides, downsides, best choice financially, no one can give a clear answer! My dream is to work in Peds and work at All Childrens Hospital or St. Judes. Both have awesome new grad nurse programs BUT I'm constantly told my ADN will never get me in the door...who cares that I have a 3.75 gpa and have given my heart and soul to nursing school??! So frustrating and defeating!
  5. by   KatieMI
    AFAIK, currently BSN marginally increases chance to get job in SOME places/ hospitals, although high-profile places ike St. Jude probably want BSNs only. The market for NP and other MSN jobs becomes a bit tight in many places, and so it is very difficult to find a position without previous related experience.

    As far as I can see, the current trend for clinically-oriented MSN/DNP programs is quickly becoming just like the one for CRNA's - BSN preferred, high GPA and serious clinical experience in bedside nursing "strongly suggested" (although almost never officially "required"). I researched campus-based ACNP programs in Midwest and East Coast, and all better places "prefer" two or more years of experience (with acute care "strongly preferred") and some want things like "nursing research" undergrad level done as pre-req with a good grade. One Ivy League program has internal GPA cut-off of 3.75, and many more want it 3.25 or higher. I do not actually think that it is a bad trend - here in Michigan many displaced workers from "big 3" got into accelerated MSN programs because they already had advanced degrees and healthcare jobs seemed to be "recession-proof". Those who had enough mind of their own to go to an area somewhat related to their previous experience (like IT specialist - to nursing informatics or managers - to clinical management and quality control) had some hard times but eventually adapted well enough. But God help to those who entered accelerated clinical programs (and to their patients as well). My school previously encouraged its own students to apply to MSN right after graduating from BSN; now it is "recommended" to work a year or at least study part-time while getting some experience in the process.
  6. by   PNicholas
    Yeah, St. Judes application says BSN preferred...just about everyone does. It makes it seem like all my hard work and great grades won't matter at all! Vanderbilt requires experience for some MSN fields, such as Peds, NICU, oncology, but not for others, informatics etc. The great thing about them is if you work there 3 years you can go to school 100% free. I just really don't want to work in the hospitals where I live. I am looking for a hospital that will train me to be a good nurse...not just ok you past NCLEX so here are 5 pts....seriously that happens here!! I am not willing to risk the license I worked so hard for! Plus, I am trying to stay in the South, we need good nurses down here!!!