Direct Entry-UMASS Worcester or Northeastern

  1. Are there any students from the graduate entry program at UMASS or the direct entry program at Northeastern that could tell me about their experiences? They are my top choices and I think it would really help to get the "real deal" from some current students. (I am interested in acute care but would love to hear from students in any program)

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  3. by   lananp
    Hi Kela! I'm applying to UMASS Worcester too. Acute care nursing program. Have you heard anything about the school and program? I live in Bay area in CA, so I really don't know anything about the area.

    Best wishes from me!
  4. by   msnkiss
    I also applied to the Northeastern program. I believe that interviews are scheduled for next week but I have not heard anything from them. Someone should call and find out when the interview invitations are going out.
  5. by   augustluv4
    Just wondering if anyone got in Northeastern for the Fall of 2008... what is the minimum GRE score in order to be accepted? Thanks!
  6. by   msnkiss
    Do not know what the minimum score is.. but mine were not that great and I got accepted... I think it is more of your grades and your experience... and as long as you get above 1000 on the GRE...
  7. by   augustluv4
    thanks!! are you in for the Fall 2008? I just received my acceptance letter, but they ask me to retake my GRE.
  8. by   msnkiss
    did you get above 1000 on the GRE? I still have not received my acceptance letter... I was contacted by the phone few days after my interiview... it was kind of wierd...but the director of the program who set up my interivew called so I figured it was ligit
  9. by   augustluv4
    i did poorly..way below 1000...i got a letter that require me to send a check of $250 by 3/24 to guarantee a seat for Fall 2008. Have u try to contact them? im from Orange County by the way.