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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   morganw1
    I looked in to UCLA as well since its fairly close to me already. Michigan has a second degree program which is just like an ABSN. They don't have pediatric acute care just pediatric NP and a Peds Nurse Midwife specialty. My friend applied there and got waislisted. I don't know much about the school or the program though. I don't think I would go to Kentucky or Maryland.I also looked in to VCU but I think I was missing some prerequisites for them, I don't recall I looked into them a while back.
  2. by   kdiem
    It's not necessary a summer vs fall entry that would make a program more rigorous. But in JHU's case, their summer entry is only 13 months long vs. the fall program which is 17 months long. My friend said a lot of the students who started out as summer entry students switched to the fall entry because it was so fast paced. But if you think you can handle the pace, then finishing the BSN program in just a little over a year is great! And yes, I'm so glad that JHU does not require the GRE

    The Yale statement just seems so extreme with a 6-part question essay. But I do have a personal statement for Penn that covers many questions that other schools are asking. I can't believe Columbia and Penn's application is due on October 15... that's less than 2 months from now! Are any of you two applying to Penn?
  3. by   hopefulnurse24
    Ah, interesting to know about summer entry! I was going to apply for fall entry anyways, but I'm definitely going to now that you told me that! And that is crazy about Yale's essay... JHU has 5 questions we need to answer, I think, maybe 4. I am especially concerned about the diversity question - that'll require a lot thought! I'm currently brainstorming.

    I am applying to Penn, for now. My application is almost complete. I am going to submit most of my applications within the next week or 2 except for that one. For that program, I will probably submit it after I see how my GRE scores are this upcoming month. I can't believe the deadline is so soon! Then JHU and Boston College in November, both Duke and Marquette are sometime in December, Northeastern is January 15th... and maybe UF's ABSN February 1st. I'm still thinking about University of Cincinnati, and UAB only has a spring admit date, so I have a lot of time to think about that program (read: if I don't get in anywhere). It's an awesome program, and has a really cool specialty for me (I could get certified in both regular peds, and acute care peds which is AWESOME), but I'm not sure how I'd feel about waiting to start, especially when I could hear back from all of the other places I'm applying to for fall. It stinks its only a spring entry program, I got so excited about it when I found it

    The only program I'm going to wait to submit my application to is UPenn, just because I want to see how competitive my GRE scores are after I take them again next month... I will probably save my money if they are not high enough for the program! So we will see! If anyone has any information on average GRE scores for that program, and average number of admitted students, that would be wonderful!
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  4. by   morganw1
    Does anyone know exactly how much JHU is? They have a loan repayment option too but only for CNS applicants, I wish they had one for NP too. Do you guys think I should apply? I feel like I have too many options...and they applications aren't necessarily free. Not that that truly matters but I want to spend money on the places I have a great chance for. Minus my GPA Cumulative. I know I will have at least a 3.5 prerequisites for most schools. Hopeful, did you look at the threads for JHU? If they're any? Sometimes people go to the open houses and get that information and are nice enough to post it up.
  5. by   ltcwall
    Northeastern has a new direct entry online program that begins sept, jan and may
  6. by   hopefulnurse24
    Hey morganw - no idea about the cost, I'm guessing probably 20k in tuition. However, I googled some old threads on JHU, and found out it is rather expensive, but that the program allows great flexibility in that you can go to school part time in the masters portion, and work part time or full time as an RN at their hospital. I googled JHU Hospital nursing, and found out from their website ( that they will reimburse full time nurses 10,000 per year for education, and will also allow you to enroll in their zero interest loan for JHU employees. So that's interesting, too.

    Also, it's hard to know where anyone will be most competitive, because all of these schools look for so many different things. If you have good GRE scores, I would just apply where you could see yourself going to school and living, and see what happens! I understand what you mean about the application fees. I had to do some serious thinking about where I was going to apply. For example, Yale and Vanderbilt and Columbia were all on my lists, but I had to be realistic. None of them offer my particular specialty, and while they're all wonderful programs, their hospitals don't have great loan repayment options like Duke and JHU do, and I know that I couldn't afford to live in NYC without some serious debt anyways, so that made it easy to cut them from my options.

    So basically, when I chose the schools I decided to apply to, I thought about where I could really see myself working and living. I decided on Duke because it's an awesome program with great professors and clinical rotations, cost of living is low, great loan repayment option if you work for Duke Hospital, and I love the idea of living in North Carolina. Then, I chose Marquette because they have a great children's hospital in Milwaukee, they offer my specialty, the cost of living isn't too high there, and I have always heard good things about the school. UPenn was on my list because it offers my specialty, its a great school with wonderful hospitals in the area, and it's located in an awesome town. Northeastern appealed to me because it was in Boston, where they have some of the best hospitals in America so there would be great opportunities for clinicals, and they offer my specialty. And so on and so forth. It took a lot of time and thinking, but I'm excited about my list of schools. And I have my first and second choices, but I think I would be happy at any of these schools if any of them accepted me, no matter what. That's what is most important!
  7. by   morganw1

    you're right about having to figure out who offers your specialty and that was a big one for me. It's why I didn't do places like UCLA and U San Francisco. I'm sure they have wonderful programs but it's just a clinical nurse leader. Which is something I don't want to be. Your specialty is also specific and apparently only some schools do have it. What made you want to become one? with both our specialties death is a factor we will have to endure. I have had practice with it in my internship but dealing with children is different ( and not for everyone). I do see the bright side, saving lives which is the same with my specialty. Also, JHU does seem worth it now with the loan program options and I think that should have been one of my deciding factors. But, I think the idea of big cities decides for me even though cost will be my issue. I want to get out and explore other places. I will be doing some serious researching with scholarships and Columbia has a long list of them on their website. We will see if I get in somewhere though. I don't want to get my hopes up. They accept a lot of people which is probably my best bet.

    Marquette is beautiful to me. I wanted to apply there at first but I couldn't see myself living and working there like you can. I think I read they accept a fair amount of people too so that's always a good thing. It's not like here with state schools that only accept MAX 40 people out of thousands who apply. Basically because of budget, If I had everything going for me I would try and stay in California just for family purposes. How do you feel about Notheastern with acceptance rates? I know its 24 people. As I said before, your stats are up there. you have a great chance. I'm applying to UNC's BSN, they allow entry applicants to apply and it's just two years and then two-three years depending on master's specialty. It's a different case for me because I'd be working and living there for a good amount of time. I don't want to say it's a backup plan but it wouldn't be a bad one. Still getting a BSN and a Masters for nursing which I think is the best option. I think they are having budget problems as well so that's always something I factor in. They have an ABSN but it's rather competitive so I might as well apply and stick it out for two years instead of one.Not a huge deal to me. but, the BSN doesn't accept LOR's which could be bad for me. and No GRE which is good and bad. GPA min for BSN is just 2.5. So again, mixed chances for me.
  8. by   hopefulnurse24
    Hi there! I have been volunteering in the critical care field and just absolutely love it - the complexity of the issues these children face really interest me. I also enjoy working with children, and have done it for a long time. I have a ton of other reasons but don't want to go on and on and bore you! I agree that its an incredibly sad field, but typically, the bad outweighs the good and it's awesome to get to have such a large impact over these children's lives.

    I am sure you will get in somewhere! I wouldn't worry. Applying to a wide range of schools is good, and that's exactly what you are doing! I don't know that I have a strong chance at getting in at Northeastern. 24 people is a very, very small class. That scares me. My stats are alright, but I do have one grade forgiveness on my transcript, along with a few W's, so it is not as great as it may seem.. although I'm thinking they're pretty forgiving with that kind of thing, who knows what they may really think? So I'm nervous...

    UNC is certainly facing some budget cuts but it would be an awesome place to go to school! That's a great idea to apply there!
  9. by   lindsay999
    Hi Everyone! How many schools are you all applying to? I am so lost! ...right now I am thinking of Boston College, UMass, Seattle U, Univ of AZ (even though they dont have an NP program), Emory and maybe Columbia (but the deadline is so soon!). Does anyone know exactly what these schools are looking for in terms of scores? I currently have a cumm GPA of 3.57 and my prereq GPA might be around 3.5...scares me because they are so average!! And I will be taking the GRE soon. I have a good amount of volunteer work but it seems like everyone on the message boards has a CNA license before applying. Has anyone heard any good words of wisdom on how to be more competitive? Thanks y'all
  10. by   morganw1

    I'm applying to six schools as of this application cycle. I don't have a CNA license just experience working and assisting in a hospital as a volunteer/intern. I think a CNA license is a great thing to have. Columbia is one of my schools as well, I am working on my personal statement ( my second draft) and studying for the GRE. I'm in A and P II right now and finishing that up before the deadline. In response to being competitive, I think in your case you already are. Most likely for you it will just be your GRE scores, Rec's, and Personal Statement. I just got done speaking with my counselor about everything and she told me that the personal statement holds a good amount of weight and that's another source of competitiveness. Is anyone else having trouble with it? it's hard to convey everything they ask for. I'm on yale's application and it's a struggle for me. I'm hoping to get in at least 5 drafts before the deadline of October 13th. What specialty are you going for?

    I am right with you on repeats/grade forgiveness. I don't have any W's though which I don't think matters. I've heard repeating classes drops down competitiveness some. Which makes sense but holistically if that's your only problem, I don't see it as a major deal. A major deal is having probably no science classes on record or passing any of them. There are people that do make it without being the "perfect" candidate we just don't hear about them ever because no one wants to admit it.

    Can't wait until the waiting actually begins, then I am free of these applications.
  11. by   hopefulnurse24
    Lindsay - I don't think it's necessarily true that everyone has a CNA license before applying! I honestly don't even think they're necessary, I would just say get some type of health care experience through volunteering or shadowing. I think you are definitely competitive grade wise, though. Right there with the majority of people! So don't even worry about it. I think I remember reading before that the average GPA is around 3.4-3.5 for admission (not prerequisite). Don't worry about grades! What's done is done, and your transcript is pretty final, so no use in stressing about that. Just apply, apply, apply, and see what happens! It looks like you're applying to a wide variety of schools, which is awesome and increases your chance of getting in somewhere! Great job! Keep us updated! My list of schools varies depending on the day and when you ask me, but I'm applying to about 5-6. For sure, I'm applying to Marquette, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northeastern, and I'm debating between UPenn, UCincinnati, and Boston College - I don't want to apply to all 3 of them, but I'm waiting to see what my GRE scores look like before I decide. I may apply to 2 out of 3, not sure yet. And then, if I don't get in anywhere, in fall of 2013 I will apply to University of Alabama's direct entry MSN program.. they only have a spring admit date, which is why I have to wait til fall 2013. I won't have my bachelor's until then.

    The personal statement has been a source of major stress for me. Probably the most difficult part of applying, second to actually paying to apply (HA! expensive!), and the darn GRE. For Marquette and Northeastern's essay, I wrote about how I came to choose my specialty, and whatnot. It has been stressful. However, I submitted Marquette this morning (YAY!), so I'm relieved to be at that point.
  12. by   kdiem
    Hey Hopeful,

    Congrats on submitting your Marquette application this morning! You are so on it! I think one of the hardest parts it getting my busy letter of rec writers to submit their letters early on. But of course the hardest would be those personal statements. But I am working on the UCSF application right now and pretty much done with UPenn. So waiting on my writers to submit their stuff so I can get those apps in. Hopkins' 300 word limits are difficult too! Good luck
  13. by   morganw1
    Hey guys,

    Does anyone have any research experience? The only thing I've done is taken Research Methods. Conducted a study with my group over a semester. I'm asking because Yale has a personal statement question on it. And the private schools are in to research but I'm not sure how much weight it holds for an applicant. Any Ideas? Did anyone retake the GRE again?