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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   whatatreat86
    Thanks, hi616! I applied to the adult program. Anyone heard back about that yet?? And anyone for UMass?

    This is so stressful! I've only heard from MGH so far, and it's hard to know if you should make these deposits since some schools take so long to release admission decisions!
  2. by   hi616
    I called BC and they said they are staggering the release of decisions and everyone should hear by March 1st.
  3. by   whatatreat86
    Quote from hi616
    I called BC and they said they are staggering the release of decisions and everyone should hear by March 1st.
    Thanks! What other schools have you applied to? Did you hear from any of them yet?
  4. by   hi616
    I applied to Yale, BC, Vanderbilt, Northeastern, and UIC so far. I've only heard from Yale so far and that was a rejection so I'm very anxious!
  5. by   celticsgirl17
    This is beyond a frustrating process. Got accepted to a school wanting a deposit March 8th, while my interview at anotheris the 1st likely with a notification date after that. Ah!
  6. by   celticsgirl17
    Not everyone has heard back from BC yet... I heard yesterday but another good friend of mine has not heard back yet and she is an excellent applicant! So try not to worry!
  7. by   whatatreat86
    It's so hard not to worry, but I'm trying not to! Haha I just heard from Simmons and got in, and they want a deposit by the 26th. I think that's insane!!
  8. by   kateb4
    I just joined so I'm sorry if I'm repeating things that have already been talked about. I got my acceptance to Marquette on Feb 12 and acceptance to BC for peds on Feb 14. Definitely putting my money with BC over Marquette. I'm from Chicago and would love to meet anyone who thinks they're heading to BC!
  9. by   KoKe

    I'm also from Chicago and considering BC. If I get into vanderbilt, I'll prolly go there. Where else did you apply?
  10. by   tadams22
    Anyone know when we hear from Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, or Northeastern?
  11. by   hi616
    Woohoo two more people from Chicago! I applied to BC and Vandy but haven't heard from either yet. I'm slightly leaning to BC if I get into both but it's a toss up. It seems that apartments are even more expensive in Boston for something comparable to what I have currently so that's a consideration for me.
  12. by   hi616
    tadams22- Vanderbilt decisions are being sent already but we should hear by the end of the month for sure. Judging by threads from years past, I think Northeastern notifies sometime in April.
  13. by   KoKe
    Hi616- if you don't mind me asking, why are you leaning more toward BC instead of Vandy?