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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   hi616
    Bbcc—That’s crazy! Hello neighbor! DePaul is at the bottom of my list. I’ve enjoyed my undergrad here, but really need a change of scenery. Also I would rather do UIC’s program out of all since DePaul and Rush are simply just RN programs. But I really liked Rush despite them not having an MSN/NP program anymore so I’d consider it. Since UIC doesn’t start until January 2014, I’m going to apply to all three for a January start so I can weigh all the three at once. I was really going back and forth between CNM/WHNP and FNP, but I ended up applying to FNP programs and I’m feeling very happy & excited about my choice.

    Sarah—I’m doing FNP and I believe she said 40 spots for about 120, but I could have that completely wrong at the moment. After reading so many numbers in all of these posts and on school websites they all seem to blur together! The two other girls in my info session were interested in FNP, so we didn’t talk much about PMHNP. However, she did say that it has been becoming a more popular specialty in recent years, but not quite as competitive as FNP. I applaud you for choosing that specialty. I’ll be graduating with my B.S. in Psychology and for a while I thought I would like to go into psychiatry, but I don’t think I could handle it. By recent events, mental health practitioners are something our country desperately needs so I hope you get into your first choice school. The lady I talked to also stressed the “holistic review” so GRE scores wouldn’t make or break an application, but some of the posts here really made me wonder about that. She said the applications they’ve reviewed so far for this cycle have a 153 for both quant/qualitative. Well, it’s too late now so I’m just going to try and relax and hopefully my desire to be a nurse shines through in my goal statement!
  2. by   hopefulnurse24
    hi616... I don't think that the GRE necessarily has to make or break you, honestly. I got a 153 verbal, 143 quantitative, 4.5 writing... obviously my quantitative is low, so I doubted my competitiveness for Penn, but I still received an interview. Apparently only 50% of the BSN-MSN applicants did. Who knows if I'll get in, but it's pretty cool I was recognized at that stage of the process. I think that the GRE is just a very small portion of the admissions process... I think that it CAN make or break you, but I think that only if you have less experience on your resume, maybe, or if your GPA was maybe a little lower. If you had a GPA on the lower end of the scale, maybe the higher GRE scores, along with an upward trend in GPA, would show that you had made some improvements in studying, and it would help you out. But I don't think that lower GRE scores necessarily mean you're going to get rejected. I think Boston College and Vanderbilt may be exceptions, but I don't know for sure (they just seemed to place a high value on high GRE scores). I also know UF's nursing program won't even consider you without 153 v/144 q GRE scores. But the other schools, I really do think they are holistic (hence why a lot of them waive GRE scores when you have a certain GPA, or don't require them at all, like Johns Hopkins and NYU).

    sarahdukie, I do think you have to take time off and work before beginning the NP portion at USA. And thank you so much! I do have a question... do you know of any good places to live in Durham that would be close to the SON, and not too expensive? Preferably with a washer and dryer!

    morganw, you never know! You could still give it a shot! I'd try for JHU. And I also would look into Thomas Jefferson, it seems like a good program.
  3. by   hi616
    Thanks for the encouragement hopeful! I'm just still reeling a bit after the Yale rejection I guess. Even though I applied just for kicks, it still makes you think when you get a rejection, you know? Congrats on the Penn interview!! I do have above the 3.6 average GPA that the Vandy admissions counselor suggested so that makes me feel better.
  4. by   sarahdukie
    Thanks for the encouragement, Hopeful! I have the exact same GRE scores as you but a 5.0 in writing--really encouraging to hear you got an interview at Penn, way to go! Seattle U doesn't require the GRE for those who already have masters in other disciplines, but it is a 3 year vs. 2 year program.

    As far as Durham goes, it is a renters market with so many students in Durham, so you will have lots of options. I am not sure how prices have changed in the last 5 years, but when I was there, Pinnacle Ridge was a very nice complex close to campus. There are also apartments converted from old tobacco factories nearby--suuuuper cool but not sure on prices. NC in general is very cheap compared to major cities. There are also small houses and duplexes for rent; good deals can be had that way, but I would definitely recommend visiting in person if you do that, as parts of Durham can be quite sketchy and change from one street to the next. If you are accepted, you will be invited to join the graduate student group which is very active in posting rooms for rent, apts for sublet, etc. If you don't mind finding roommates, you could pay as little as 250-300 a month in rent!
  5. by   morganw1
    Hopeful, Thanks! Yeah you're right they both sound great. I think I will consider it. I can write an essay before the deadline.
  6. by   morganw1
    Do you know the stats of johns? Accepted GPA? Interview percent? If I can get a third letter of rec by the deadline I'll for sure send mine in.
  7. by   morganw1
    One more thing (sorry) about jhu. Do you need a b or better in each prerequisite course or the total perquisite GPA has to be a 3.0 or better ?
  8. by   meep05
    I had a B- in statistics and they said if you have one grade with a - they will take it.
  9. by   hopefulnurse24
    For JHU, they said they interview "most" of their BS-MSN applicants. Average GPA of accepted students is 3.5. They have an acceptance rate of a little less than 50%.
  10. by   morganw1
    Sounds good! I hear everyone about not being invited to interview at yale. I'm still surprised that super qualified people didn't get asked. I think I'm just bitter that I spent so much time on that essay, it wasn't easy by any means.
  11. by   helperman
    So excited to start this new career. Nerve wracking waiting to hear.
  12. by   kdiem
    Pretty nervous waiting for OHSU's interview decisions! It's coming soon.
  13. by   kdiem
    Anyone applying to UIC?