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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   hopefulnurse24
    There's another chat coming up soon. I think that they said October is okay, but I can't remember... I'd call them tomorrow morning.
  2. by   kdiem
    Yeah I'll definitely call them to make sure. Because at Columbia, all of your materials must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered. I'm not sure if Penn has strict deadlines like that too. So be sure, so you don't end up wasting money on that application fee!
  3. by   hopefulnurse24
    I just read here (Application Requirements) under standardized testing that it is okay.
  4. by   morganw1
    Hey hopeful and kdiem,

    Thanks for being so helpful, anyone else reading I just received an email ( literally right when I was reading the posts) that Columbia is now accepting official GRE scores until November 15th. This is because they have been getting responses that it is hard to schedule a GRE test date before the deadline since it is peak time for grad applicants everywhere. October really is the time when things amp up. A good thing though, people who have already sent in their apps and plan to by October 15th with all materials, including official GRE scores will get priority.

    Sadly, I probably won't make priority but it is a good feeling that someone out there is looking out for those of us with later GRE test dates. This only goes for official GRE scores, everything else has to get there on or before OCT 15th. so don't go thinking you can submit everything by November 15th.

    with that said, I will be able to submit both my applications ( Columbia and Penn) in while having a later GRE date. There is hope out there and I'm taking this as a very, very good sign.
  5. by   hopefulnurse24
    That's awesome news, morganw!

    It looks like my transcripts and check for the application fee got lost on the way to JHU, even after mailing it first class from the post office... I called the USPS because it had been two weeks and JHU still hadn't received anything. They said they'd make a case report and look for it and I'd hear by the end of the business day tomorrow what was going on. I'm hoping they find it though. Transcripts take FOREVER to receive! And my schools don't send electronic ones to schools outside of Florida, unfortunately.

    Luckily, I picked fall entry and that isn't due until January 15th. It just sucks because that's a lot of money and time to get transcripts again, and I was so excited to get it over with
  6. by   morganw1
    I've heard stories about transcripts not getting to schools and getting lost. I've heard that with both electronic and mailed. either way it's not good! haha. At least you're ahead of the game hopeful. I'm thinking of using FEDEX to get them there, not that there's anything special with it. It just sounds good to me. I'm sending mine out within the next week or so.
  7. by   hopefulnurse24
    No, it's definitely not good! I sent out a transcript today to UPenn, and I paid the extra money for it to be certified and have a tracking number... I figured that it is better to do that than to have to pay for another transcript, it was cheaper that way and it's good to know you won't have to go through the time and effort of obtaining more transcripts. I'd recommend this route to anyone, especially if you have multiple transcripts like I do. It cost about 4 dollars to mail it first class and with the certified mail/tracking number option.
  8. by   kdiem
    The transcripts are definitely a pain to send and track! Columbia was nice enough to email me everything they've received so far. I need to check with Penn that they've also received my transcripts. Do you two know if they are quick to respond to emails to verify that they've received it?

    I'm not sure if you two are applying to any of these schools but... I just checked today and Vanderbilt, Emory and OHSU are open! That means ALL of my direct-entry schools (besides UIC) are open!! It's about to get realllly stressful. I'll be working my butt off to get those letters and personal statement in!
  9. by   hopefulnurse24
    I paid for certified mail when I sent my transcripts and whatnot to Penn... the tracking STILL says its in a sorting facility and that the expected delivery was yesterday. But if its still in a sorting facility, here in the town I brought it to the post office in, then I sincerely doubt that it arrived yesterday. I'm really annoyed... I'm not sure if it's my town's post office, or what... but I'm really frustrated with all of the problems I've been having. Transcripts cost too much money, and I have important information in what I sent to them (aka: my fee waiver information). This is incredibly frustrating. I called USPS (I'm becoming well acquainted with them -___-) and they said that certified mail doesn't necessarily mean they'll scan it every step of the way, and that it probably arrived at my destination. I'm just having a hard time trusting the post office right now... lol.

    However, I contacted Penn and they said that they will contact us if anything is missing, and they typically do this after the deadline has passed. They said to not to be concerned until that happens, and that we would not be held accountable if anything was missing. They said it was too hard to tell us now if anything had been received due to the sheer volume of transcripts and whatnot being sent in.

    I am not applying to any of those schools, kdiem, but thanks for the information! I would've loved to apply to Emory, but if I'm not mistaken, it required orgo, and I never took orgo.

    I'm just so glad I'm nearly done with writing all of the personal statements for each school.. however, I think ensuring that my transcripts arrive is almost just as stressful as writing personal statements. Haha...
  10. by   the healer's art
    I didn't do certified mail for my transcripts. I kinda trust the mail system. Is that weird? My undergrad school sends them directly.

    How do you send them electronically? Just to the email address for admissions? Do all schools accept electronic ones? Because that's cheaper and my undergrad offers that
  11. by   morganw1
    sounds like a horror story hopeful but like I said you're on top of things early and I'm sure that's going to pay off. I hear you with paying for transcripts, I've only requested half of my schools because I'm out of town at the moment and it's already nearly 50 bucks for all of them. I went to 3 different schools. one university and two JC's. I wouldn't freak out just yet and it seems everything will be taken care of. As long as it's not counted against you, its cool.

    as for electronically healer I'm not sure, I think it's just your school sends them off of their database instead of physically mailing them to the schools. I don't trust my school ( awful but true) because I remember back in the day at the JC I went to, the admissions lady told me that I should always just mail them in myself or hand them in to admissions because of the stories she's heard from a lot of different schools losing the transcripts or even that specific JC not sending them off in time. Either way it gives me peace of mind to know I mailed them in.
  12. by   JP999
    Kdiem, how did you get in contact with Columbia for a list of what they've received, and how long did it take them to get back to you? I emailed them early this weekend asking if they would confirm that they have received everything (except for the 1 recommendation I'm waiting on) and have not heard back yet. I tried their general nursing email address -- is that what you used? Thanks!
  13. by   hopefulnurse24
    Thanks morganw. I'm hoping to get my transcripts resent tomorrow from the post office in my hometown (I'm visiting this weekend). It's definitely expensive and a painstaking process.. here's hoping it all pays off in the end, though!

    healer, I think that in order to send transcripts electronically, the other school has to accept them also, but I'm not sure how exactly it works. The schools in Florida can send them to each other electronically but won't send them anywhere outside of the state that way, so I'm unsure how it would work. I trusted the mail system too, until this happened to me. I'm not sure what's going on, to be honest. The USPS told me it could've been the mail room at the school, because things get lost in mail rooms all the time, so I'm not sure what to make of it. I just hope it works out this time!