Direct entry CNL / NP grads

  1. I applied to a masters entry CNL and a masters entry NP program and want to know of life for new grads of these programs after school. Is the job market as horrible for master degree holders as it is for other RN's? Do you feel prepared / equipped enough to meet the demands of nursing with more responsibility? Please, your thoughts.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
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  4. by   0402
    I did a direct entry CNL program, but I am working as a new grad RN, just like any other RN without experience. I, personally, didn't have a hard time finding a job, but I don't know if having the MSN made more of a difference or if it was more my previous work experience. I will say that my school has a good reputation in the area the school is in, and the majority of students found a job without too much problem, in an extremely difficult market (all working as new grad RNs, not as CNLs). I moved right after graduation and was worried that it might actually be a hinderance due to being in an area that isn't as familiar with the role/ direct entry MSN, but it turned out fine for me. I have not taken the CNL certification exam but am thinking about doing it in the next 6-12 months.