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    I am looking into graduate schools for BSN-DNP and Family Nurse Practitioner track. I was hoping that some of you may be able to provide me with more information regarding Creighton's DNP program - pros and cons. One thing I have very nervous about it that they do not help with clinical site placements - does anyone have more information or advice on this? I also have never done online courses so it will be a new dynamic. Any and all information is appreciated!
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  3. by   rnkaytee
    I received my MSN-NNP through Creighton. I already knew where I was going to have my clinical placements, and they do have contacts throughout the country if you need help (although obviously more in the Nebraska area). They are helpful insofar you just tell them where it is and they do the rest of the paperwork. From what I've heard from classmates, the program is well run (at least for NNP), although expensive. Some schools just send out videos to watch/chapters to read and this wasn't the case with Creighton - there was a lot of discussion/interaction with professors.
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  4. by   educatemeplease
    Thank you so much for your response! Do you mind if I ask if you know any specific contacts that they have (specifically MN or WI?) I have asked them and they mentioned that they will go more in depth on that when the time comes because it can vary but I would love to have an idea beforehand to help make my decision
  5. by   rnkaytee
    I'm in the PNW so I'm not sure what they have locally - I know they had clinical sites in Arizona and Florida but this was for NICU so I'm not sure what they'd have for FNP. Good luck with your choice!
  6. by   Antepartumnurse
    I am also curious about how those in the program feel about it. I am submitting my application for the FNP program this week. Educatemeplease, have you already been accepted at Creighton?
  7. by   educatemeplease
    Congratulations! I have not yet applied because I have been looking at a lot of schools. Some people I have previously talked to went here and recommended it though so I have been looking into it more in depth. I would love to hear from more people so hopefully there are others who are willing to share as well! Good luck with your application That's exciting!
  8. by   Antepartumnurse
    Good luck to you as well. Those I know who went through the Creighton program seem happy with it. I also applied to UNMC but was regected due to my overall gpa. Creighton has assured me they offer a more holistic examination of apllicants.
  9. by   jessoutside
    Kind of a late response, but I'm in the DNP program at Creighton and LOVE it. As far as clinical time, they help you a lot. You have an area adviser who often has contacts (mine has given me 4 or 5 at different hospitals), and while you do have to get in touch with people, people at Creighton do the vast majority of the work - they do the contracts and everything. They also already have contracts at a lot of hospitals. I currently have 4 different hospitals available to me in my area with with no problem.
  10. by   BSN2FNP1
    I am working on getting my application together to start Fall 2017! Happy to hear any and all information about the program!!
  11. by   jkenser
    I am actually in my final year of Creighton's DNP FNP program. The program has been great! I opted for the full time track so I could finish in 3 years. For the first year and a half I was able to work a .8. I have now dropped down to a .6 because there are just not enough days in the week, Clinical hours are progressive, meaning the increase as time goes on. We have to find our own clinical placement, which can be tricky. I have been blessed to find some amazing preceptors in MN. I did a lot of research before deciding on Creighton and I am happy with my decision. 40K cheaper than the U of M! Worth the 6 hour drive once a semester. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  12. by   BSN2FNP1
    Oh congrats on being in your last year! That is very exciting! I'm glad you enjoyed the program, I've looked at and talked to so many programs and Creighton seemed like the best fit for me. I live in Iowa (roughly 1 hr 43 min away from Creighton) and I liked the blend between in class and online. Did you feel like doing the program full time plus working was an overwhelming amount of work? I was planning to do the program part time and work .8 because I worry about not being able to spend enough time with my toddler son. Can you give me more information about what you mean by getting clinicals could be tricky? I was told you could go with an MD/DO/NP/PA. What sort of clinical experiences did you get? I looked at U of M too, it looked amazing, but sooo expensive! I was also curious about how the online portions of the classes were delivered? Is it webcam/webinar classes, mostly discussion boards, watching pre recorded lecture videos? I'd be happy to hear anything else you have to say about the program as well. I have my application almost complete just working on my personal statement then I'll be ready to submit!
  13. by   BSN2FNP1
    Hey jessoutside! I've applied to Creighton's DNP program and hope to start this fall. What else can you say about the program? I'm getting kind of nervous now that I've applied is this is the right school and the right career move. I work in the OR and I love it, but I don't see much potential for advancement (unless I went into management-which I don't want to do). I hope to use this education to continue to work in surgery and assist. From what I read it's not unheard of for an NP to work in surgery, but more PAs tend to take those jobs. Any information would be amazing!
  14. by   NICURNwa
    I just applied for the fall 2017 start of BSN-DNP too although the NNP track. I'm nervous about being able to work .9 and do my classes part time. I'm thinking of only doing 6 credits per semester though that would take forever for me to complete the program. This is the only school I applied to so I'm really nervous but hoping for the best! Any feedback on being able to juggle working full time and class would be appreciated!