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So where are the potential 2008 Columbia ETPers at? I think a handful of regulars around here have Columbia on their list of apps, so heres a thread to get us through until notifications in Spring... Read More

  1. by   smit1989
    Thanks for letting me know! Any advice on good brokers in the washington heights area??

    Also, if any current students or accepted individuals already living in NYC have vacancies in their apartments I would definitely be interested!
  2. by   elizabells
    Check with the off-campus housing office; they're not stellar, but they do keep a list of brokers who offer reduced or no fees to students. I myself had poor luck with CraigsList, but I know people who did great with it.
  3. by   i heart NY
    Hi Everyone!

    New to this site! I'll be joining you guys at Columbia in May (less than 3 months!!! ). I'm accepted into the dual Adult/Women's Health track, but am considering Acute Care.

    I'll be relocating from Boston and decided to live off-campus. I contacted the off-campus housing office and got a temporary login for their database. Most of the current listings are directly through the landlords, which saves on realtor fees, but limits selection as each landlord usually only has one or two units whereas realtors can show you multiple listings.

    One quick question ... Have any of you ordered the stethoscope package yet? Do you know if there is really a difference in quality between the higher and lower priced packages?

    So excited to go to Visiting Day! :spin: See ya!
  4. by   smit1989
    I've used both littmann stethoscopes and they are both fine. I ordered the Littmann II SE package. If you are going to throw down money for a nice one, get the electronic cardiology one for a few hundred bucks...but you most definitely won't need it and will be fine with the Littmann II
  5. by   fnp4me
    Does anyone know when we will hear back regarding housing assignments? I've started looking off-campus for a place but I'm in the same situation. Can anyone recommend some areas to look?

    Also, is anyone going to accepted student day tomorrow?
  6. by   PsychMaven
    Quote from nursinstudenthopeful
    does anybody know if they favor a psych background (undergrad or grad) when applying to the psychiatric tract?
    I was admitted to the Psychiatric Mental Health specialty and I am finishing up my BS in psych now. It doesn't seem that many "nursing people" want to do psych, and it seems that the "psych people" don't know about the opportunity as a Psych. NP so I don't think they favor one way or the other. I think it was my experience working in psych. that made me a competitive applicant. To give you an idea, I worked at residential treatment facilities for people with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues, a residential DBT house for women with Borderline Personality Disorder, and eventually at a psychiatric hospital. I've been telling my classmates what I am doing and they are all shocked that I will be able to prescribe, do therapy, and actually make money doing it without being in school for the next six years. This time last year I was wondering all the same things that you are and I must say that I am totally happy with my decision thus far and definitely recommend this route for fellow "psych people". Nice to see people interested in the field...I seem to be the only one on this site so far in mental health.
  7. by   dg05
    Hey guys - how was visiting day?
  8. by   PsychMaven
    I am even more excited now that I have a real picture of what my summer will be like and I had a great time at visiting day yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood after being slightly concerned about it feeling a bit sketchy from people's comments. I definitely felt comfortable there though, and am looking forward to the big move.

    I was reassured by one of the student ambassadors that, although there is a ton of material to learn, test questions are generally straightforward. After having a few professors lately who seem to love finding the most difficult and circuitous way to ask a question, I was feeling a bit nervous about tons of tricky questions on top of loads of information. I don't know what other people's experience has been though.

    I know that we are allowed to mix and match the navy and white tops and bottoms for uniforms, but I was wondering what the general consensus mix or to match?

  9. by   dg05
    Alexandria - good to hear you're confident about your decision ! I've seen both mixed and matched. I didn't buy any white because I was afraid of getting blood etc on them but the people who did buy white still look pretty good after all these months. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen anyone do all white though...

  10. by   hatingthewaiting
    What's the neighborhood like around the campus? Is it safe?
  11. by   i heart NY
    The neighborhood around campus is not that bad, but it's relative depending on where you are from and what you are used to.

    The hospital does serve an inner-city population, including many individuals who do not speak english as their first language, and who do not always have access to good healthcare. But I believe this will be a great experience for us as new nurses, and will challenge us to become the best we can be ... Hopefully everything after this should be a piece of cake!

    That said, I don't know if I would want to live right around the hospital (unless you are living in the campus housing). There is a nice neighborhood a little farther uptown called Hudson Heights. It's in the 180s, west of Broadway (the hospital is W168th Street), and is just a quick 10 minute bus or subway ride from the medical center. It's a really nice up-and-coming neighborhood with cute restaurants and a couple nice bars. It's right near the Cloisters and you can get great views of the Hudson River and the bridges.

    Also, Morningside Heights (~W116th Street) near Columbia's main campus) is really nice, but a little pricier. There is a free shuttle that goes from the main campus to the medical center, but at Visiting Day, one of the current students said they recently said nursing students aren't allowed to ride it anymore ... but the subway ride is only about 10-15 minutes.

    Hope this paints a little clearer picture of where you may be living!
  12. by   PurpleBee
    Hello future ETPs (entrance to practice),
    As I mentioned a few posts back, I am going to write a small summary for those who could not attend the visiting day. To be honest, no really new info was released that day..
    We were sited at round tables by specialty ~ 9 people per table, also having a student ambassador and a faculty joining us. At each chair was an umbrella (very cool and needed since it rained later that day), a pen, hand sanitizer and the schedule. The day started with some intro-speeches given by Judy, Oscar (Financial Aid guy), Adele (housing lady), some profs (did not remember names).. The microphone did not work for about 10-15 minutes .. not cool, especially since I was personally waiting for the hip-hop song - which never happened this year. After about 1 h we ate (salad, bread & batter, pasta, grilled veggies, chicken) and around 1:30pm we went on a campus tour with people coming from the same geographic region.

    1) Housing: contact Adele Selik in case you do not receive on campus housing and you need help with off-campus housing. She can put you on a e-mail list and you receive available apartment openings. I don't know if I can give her phone # and e-mail on this thread, but if you cannot find her on the Columbia SON webpage, PN me.
    2) Financial Aid: You must be a full time student to get the rest of the scholarship. Nursing Student Loan had a fixed 5% interest rate, so get it. Have a checking and saving account at Bank of America or City Bank is best. There was also something about an annual credit report? Can someone fill in on this?
    3) Uniforms: Must have white shoes - logo must be white also. You can mix the white and navy blue uniform. It is recommended to have at least 2 sets.
    4) Summer '08 (18 units): have class M-F but time of class schedule may vary - sometimes you have class at 8am and finish at 4pm, sometimes you finish at 8pm. One day per week you are in the hospital. You do the skill (on medical dummies) and the physical exam (on classmates).
    5) Fall '08 (22 units): you have classes M, Tu, F and clinicals W& Th.
    6) Spring '09 (20 units): intensive experience with a RN. You follow her and you may get night shift (2/3 work nights). You also start 5x5.
    7) Academics: grades range form A+ (must get 100%) to C-, Average GPA while in the program must be 3.0. Some people get on academic probation (this year were about 10 people), but the faculty helps you regain the power and get off the probation if this occurs.
    8) Specialties: you cannot switch into anesthesia and midwifery, although sometimes students might be lucky and get into midwifery is space is available.
    9) Campus tour: Most classes will take place in the same place - the library building on the 3rd or 4th floor. The building itself is not magnificent. Most classes will be in a big auditorium with over 100 ETP students; you get wireless internet, you can bring laptops and can record the lectures. For most classes you can print out the lecture from the net or the professor will bring a printed copy to class. We also get ~ 700 pages for free (for the entire 1st year? Only in the summer? I do not know). The dorm is also not very spectacular, but it has a pool! & a small gym. Yey. The student lounge and the kitchen are on the top floor. You can bring a microwave and mini refrigerator with you if you like. The room is ok for one occupancy. The dorm is veeeery close to classrooms and the hospital!!!!!!

    Take care and good luck!
  13. by   dg05
    Some clarification - the 5x5s start in the fall and continue for 10 weeks after christmas (this is considered winter, I think). Integration with your nurse starts after spring break and continues for 8 weeks.

    The print quota is per semester not for the entire year. It's been more than enough for me.