Columbia Post-RN DNP Program

  1. Thinking of applying to Columbia's AG-PCNP for Summer 2018. Anyone else applying or currently in the program? Any tips for the application or getting letters of recommendations?
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  3. by   kmcray
    Did you end up applying? I (finally) sent my application in this week.
  4. by   RiaC
    Yes, I sent my application in late last night! Cutting it close, I know but I didn't get a chance to do it earlier for a number of reasons. Also, I was experiencing technical difficulties with the video essay and time writing bit for hours yesterday. Wish they didn't require those this year!
  5. by   kmcray
    I also had tech issues with those portions- and the directions were all over the place! In some sections it said there would be two questions, in another it said three, and then it ended up being far less stressful than expected. I got super anxious for no reason but it made me delay doing it for a long time. Something about that countdown.... 😳 glad it's done though!
  6. by   RiaC
    I definitely got nervous during my video essay recording, especially after all the technical issues and I had to do it on my cell phone because it would not work on my computer! I'm afraid my shaking hands are going to give whoever is watching motion sickness!

    Which specialty did you apply for?
  7. by   kmcray
    I applied for PNP! Do you live in the city?
  8. by   RiaC
    I work in the city but live in NJ actually. what about you?
  9. by   rollypolly17
    Hey guys! I created a topic not realizing that there was another one already for this. I also applied for the post-BSN DNP program. I got a message a few days ago that my app was under review. Has anyone else heard anything back? Or know when we will possibly find out.
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  10. by   RiaC
    I got the same email that my app was complete and is under review. On the website it said we find out in March. I think it's typically around mid-march.
  11. by   rollypolly17
    Wow! That's pretty close to the June start time. I wonder if they offer any type of scholarships.
  12. by   TolDoll
    Hey guys! I also applied to Columbia's DNP program (pediatric specialty). I'm originally from the East Coast but live on the West Coast right now. Maybe because I've been working a lot lately, but I can't believe it's already been a month since the application deadline!
  13. by   se56
    Hello! I applied as well. Does anyone happen to know what the cost of the program is?
  14. by   rollypolly17
    Hey I really think it depends on the specific program you're applying to. I think it's about 88 to 90 credits total. The tuition is somewhere btw $1,450 to about $1,800 per credit ... I think.