Call from Yale?

  1. I've been reading posts from a year ago when people were waiting to get their decisions from Yale. Most people mentioned that they either called Yale or received a call from Yale. Do you know if this still applies this year? Anyone going to call? When?

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  3. by   BeaconStreet
    I've read those posts, too. At my interview they didn't say anything about calling applicants. Anyone hear anything different?

    I'm not brave enough to call just yet, although I'd love to hear a decision by my add-drop deadline this Sunday!
  4. by   May_baby
    I'm searching my brain for where I heard it, but I thought I had heard that offers this year will go out mid to late February.

    I guess the easy way to find out is to call Student Affairs since the official YSN message board has been slow lately. I think the moderator is a Midwifery student who is frequently on call...
  5. by   Salamandrina
    I asked in my interview and I most assuredly heard that we can expect an answer from them in Late Feb - 1st week in March.
  6. by   dg05
    Hi there -- thanks for all of your responses. I ended up calling the admissions office. We will receive a letter (no phone calls this year) in one to two weeks. I've received an acceptance from Columbia but I'm really leaning toward Yale and I have a lot of other things that hinge on where I end up (I'm sure we all do).

    I've applied for the midwifery specialty at Yale and the dual Midwifery/Women's Health specialty at Columbia. What about you?
  7. by   Kurlyz26
    So why are people posting that they recieved phone calls if phone calls aren't given? I'm confused.
  8. by   Salamandrina
    I have three friends that got calls yesterday from Yale's Financial Aid office (?) saying they got accepted. My phone, however, did not ring. I called Yale this AM and they said that they didn't complete the list yesterday and more calls will be coming out today, but my guess is if your phone is silent today, you already know whether or not you got accepted. And I am in the boat too.
  9. by   May_baby
    Ok, ok...
    Let's slow down for a minute here (in my gentle voice only).

    Yes, some calls went out yesterday.
    But not all calls went out, and there may still be some interviews for RNs and waitlist candidates later this month.

    So hold tight, and stay optimistic.
  10. by   IntlNurse2Be
    Thanks for being the voice of reason, May baby. I know this waiting game has us all on pins and needles.

    Just an FYI...I was in the rolling admissions category and I just received an invitation today to interview later this month. But I know that this is all by area of specialty - so I would hold on until you get an answer either way.
  11. by   Salamandrina
    Quote from may_baby
    ok, ok...
    let's slow down for a minute here (in my gentle voice only).

    yes, some calls went out yesterday.
    but not all calls went out, and there may still be some interviews for rns and waitlist candidates later this month.

    so hold tight, and stay optimistic.
    sorry, my post wasn't directed at people that have extenuating circumstances. mainly it was just directed at people that were in a situation similar to mine - those that interviewed in january.

    good luck to those looking forward to interviews.
  12. by   dg05
    Hi there -- I haven't received a call and I'm wondering if that means I wasn't accepted. Theresa in admissions said that there would be no phone calls this year so I'm confused. Is it by specialty? I applied to midwifery...
  13. by   BeaconStreet
    I'm still hopeful that not all accepted students were called. For those who were called, who was the call from, and what specialty are you in?
  14. by   BlueJune
    I applied to Women's Health, and I'm pretty sure I received a call from the general "admissions office" - possibly even Theresa? I received my phone call at the end of the day on Thursday (5PM), and she also mentioned that she was "going down the list" calling names... I agree that it's very strange that the admissions committee is telling everyone that they would not be calling people, and yet they still are... Maybe they're still going down the list? Good luck to you all!