Application and GRE Scores not Received

  1. I just received a letter from my first choice program in nursing stating the program hasn't received my GRE scores so they are unable to evaluate my application. I am so upset because I requested that they be sent when I took the exam 12/15/06, I am also concerned if the other schools I have applied to haven't received the scores. I assumed the schools had received my scores since the copy I received listed the schools I wanted my scores sent to as having been sent them. I know it has a note that states some schools only get scores twice a month but I would have thought even the schools that do it that way would have received them by now. I guess the only thing I can do is fax my copy of the scores which lists the school as having been sent the scores and double check with the other programs I applied to. It will really be irritating and upsetting to find out that I spent all that time and money on applications for them to never be looked at because the one thing missing from my application were my GRE scores.

    I know I shouldn't have waited to take the exam until December but it took me 2 months to schedule the exam due to issues with ETS.

    Any one have any advice? I am hoping that by faxing my scores and letting the school see I requested that they be sent my scores that they will be willing to start evaluating my applicaton while they wait to receive the official copy.
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  3. by   NHRNmomof3
    I had a similiar issue with my MAT scores and transcripts. I called and verified that they were sent, but the grad school never got them. I wonder if sometimes the grad schools are so big and the results go to one central location and don't get sent out. I had to resend mine, because they wanted an original. I have to wait until I get my BSN this May to get a decision. It is driving me crazy since I have my application in since September. Oh well, I just need to send off my final official transcript. I was told not to worry about not having an opportunity for a slot. Best of luck to you.