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  1. by   diddle
    hey everyone-

    yeah, it is weird about the first choice and second choice thing at UCSF. At the interview day I went to a couple of weeks ago, the dean of the school said that they will probably change that part of the application starting next year, because it is just silly. I put FNP as my first choice (and that is what I interviewed for) and PNP for my second, only because I had a lot of experience in pediatrics, not because I really wanted to do it.

    rockypooh- So we are supposed to find out about SMC at the beginning of March then? Does that mean they wont be doing interviews like all of the other years? I spoke with someone who got in last year and she said her interview was mid-march and then she didn't find out until the beginning of April...but that is so far away from now I am hoping that they've changed things. Did a counselor tell you that?

    BerkeleyMom- My first choice is definately UCSF and my second choice is SMC. I just got accepted to Columbia's program, but I just don't know if I want to move to New York. I mean I am young and it would be fun BUT I think I would like to stay around here. Where else are you applying to?

    Also, if any of you are thinking of applying to UCSF, my one peice of advice after doing all this is that you choose a specialty that you already have a lot of experience in. That is what makes you a competitive applicant. It is hard to convince them that you want to be an Acute Care NP if you have only worked in a primary care setting, you know? And they want to be convinced that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and also, that you wont want to change your specialty in the middle of the program. That was a peice of advice that someone gave me that really helped me decide which specialty to choose, and I think it really helped me get an interview.

    Anyways, best of luck and lets keep each other posted!

  2. by   star19
    Hello to all SMC applicants!

    I too am a fellow SMC applicant. After reading everyones posting, I would love to be in the same class as you guys. I have a good friend at University of Rochester's accelerated BSN program and totally hates the school because of the coldness of the facultys and students. I have chatted with two SMC faculty and they totally care about their student's success and future which is way more important in the end after graduation.

    Does anyone know any previous or current SMC students that have gone to the interview?? Or have heard anything about their interview process through another friend/classmate???

    I wanted to start a thread where we can all help each other excel in the interview process and possibly to get into the program.
  3. by   BerkeleyMom
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  4. by   Salamandrina
    Quote from Asherah
    I've applied for UCLA M.S.N./MECN program for the Fall 2007 term, waiting until mid-March for a decision!
    The UCLA program is so new, I was wondering whether or not it has yet been accredited. Do you know?
  5. by   Salamandrina
    As an aside, I work for Kaiser and in the gym one day I talked to a woman there that is an NP and a former professor at UCSF. Now I am not trying to discourage anyone here, but she said "if you want to live in Cali, you don't want a degree from Cali. The market is saturated for California degrees. Coming here with a degree from Penn or Johns Hopkins will make you more competitive to find work. One thing employers don't want is a bunch of NPs with the exact same education."

    Take it with a grain of salt. If I had been interviewed and accepted at UCSF, I probably would have jumped on it myself. As it was, I was rejected outright for the second year in a row.
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  6. by   Asherah
    Per the California Board of Registered Nursing, the UCLA program is accredited, see (scroll to bottom).

    I know that the UCLA School of Nursing listed it as pending for awhile (as last Fall was the first class to begin), but it appears to be good to go now.
  7. by   Salamandrina
    Quote from Asherah
    Per the California Board of Registered Nursing, the UCLA program is accredited, see (scroll to bottom).

    I know that the UCLA School of Nursing listed it as pending for awhile (as last Fall was the first class to begin), but it appears to be good to go now.
  8. by   star19
    Thanks for insiders info about Cali FNP about the difficulties in finding employment in Cali after graduation. And berkeley mom's info about how the faculty know whom they are accepting into the program and is just using the interview to "see" the actual person.

    I also applied to UCLA's program as a backup for SMC's program. I am glad to hear that the school has attracted some applicants too.
  9. by   nskoog
    I've also applied to UCLA's MECN, CSUF's EL-MSN and CSULB's Direct Entry BSN/MSN. I guess we have to play the waiting game now...(sigh)

    I was curious if anyone found out the stats of last year's accepted class for the MECN program? (pre-req GPA, last 60 GPA, etc..)
  10. by   Asherah
    I've been in contact with a woman who began the MECN program last fall (actually emailed her from a thread that she posted in last year) and she wasn't able to provide a general consensus of what the GPAs were for the admitted students. She did make mention of the fact that there were 1-2 students who were admitted although they did not achieve the minimum 3.0 GPA, as they had exceptional personal statements or other significant work/volunteer experiences.

    She also stated that they accepted 60 students, rather than the 50 they quoted in the orientation sessions. When I last emailed Shelli Shepherd to confirm that they had received all of my Fall 06' transcripts, she stated that notifications will be mailed in late March. We shall have to wait and see...
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  11. by   nskoog
    Really? Wow, that really suprises me..It's been hard to find any MECN applicants on here and I ran into only three other people at CSUF (where I was finishing my pre-reqs last year) that even applied. When I turned in my app, I was told they would be notifying people the last week of February or 1st week of March! And Shellie told you May?! Wow, May is a LONG time from now! LOL

    Did you apply anywhere else?
  12. by   Asherah
    I meant March, yikes....that would be horrible if it was May! Sorry!! :chuckle And yes, I was told when I dropped off my app package that they were hoping for Mid-March. This late-March timeframe was quoted to me a few days ago...

    At this rate perhaps we will be waiting until May

    And no, UCLA is my only shot this fall, as it would be the most economical choice for me, I wouldn't have to move and the tuition is such a bargain compared to all of the east coast programs many around here are considering. However, if I have to apply again next year I will most likely include Columbia, Yale, and the Johns Hopkins combined BSN/MSN program.
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  13. by   star19
    Has anyone heard from Samuel Merritt regarding an interview / acceptance/ denial for the ELMSN- FNP or CM?