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  1. by   BerkeleyMom
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  2. by   nukkaNP

    I am on the waitlist for SMC as well. The waiting is tough, to say the least.
    I would like to comment on Berkeleymom's post:
    It seems highly dubious that a school would accept 10 more students than they have room for. THIS IS WHY THERE ARE WAIT-LISTS! Otherwise, there is the possiblity that they will have 10 more students than they have room for.

    I am trying to stay positive. At my interview, they told us about 3-4 students usually do not accept and somtimes more. When those applicants decline they start contacting those on the wait-list. I went to SMC today to turn in my wait-list confirmation. I asked when I would know if there are openings. The very nice woman told me that those who are accepted have 3wks to confirm/decline. However, she did say that most letters come in before that. I need to know by May 22, and she seemed sure I would know long before then. GOOD LUCK to those who are waiting. May the days ahead fly by as quickly as possible.
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  4. by   nukkaNP
    Thanks !!!
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  5. by   nukkaNP
    Thanks for the morale booster!
  6. by   NrsCA
    Hello Bugeyedfrog!

    It is nice to "see" another SMC applicant.... Berkmom and I were wondering where everyone was. What track did you apply for?!

    Hopefully we'll begin hearing soon. What other schools are you considering?!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  7. by   J3LLYB3AN
    Hello All,

    I've been checking this thread religiously, but this is the first time I've posted anything. I'm on the wait list (#3) for the SMC ELMSN program too. The anticipation is killing me! I also applied to the SF ABSN Late Fall program with Samuel Merritt, but I won't find out until June if I'm accepted in that one (no interview for that one). I'll keep everyone posted if I hear anything! Good luck everyone!
  8. by   NrsCA
    Hello J3LLYB3AN!!!

    Nice to finally see ppl start commenting on the thread! You're waitlist position is GREAT... well... better than mine. haha =). Let me know as soon as you hear... because once you hear, then that's when I'll get really nervous for a call!

    Again, WELCOME!
  9. by   nukkaNP
    I applied for the ELMSN-FNP. I am #1 on the wait-list. The waiting and berkeleymom's post is driving me batty. I thought I had a great chance of getting in, but now, I'm not so sure. I haven't read any other comments on how this whole process works. Does anyone have any info. or feedback?
  10. by   nukkaNP
    The other question:
    I applied to UCSF's MEPN FNP and got waitlisted at #6. I have been accepted to USF Master's Entry Option Program, which starts May 22. I applied to SFSU and have heard absolutely nothing.
  11. by   BerkeleyMom
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  12. by   NrsCA
    Hello again Bugeyedfrog,

    Yes, the waiting is CRAZY.... we finally get a response, but it's just to tell us that we get to wait some more! How exciting! =).

    I haven't gotten the courage to try to get some answers from the admissions office... if they'd even be able to tell me anything, that is.

    But being #1, I would think you have a great shot at getting in. We'll just have to wait and see. But please PLEASE keep us updated!
  13. by   SFBethany
    I'm in the same boat. Heard from USF (yeah got in!) but no word form SFSU yet. I called the Nursing department a few weeks ago and they said they would mail (or was it make a decision) by the end of last week. OK, the mail should be on its way....