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So many of the threads regarding direct-entry programs featured mainly east coast schools, there have to be a few folks out there like me who've applied to the UCLA MECN program for the Fall 2007... Read More

  1. by   dko1
    Nope, nada... I'm getting very anxious now... :uhoh21:
  2. by   stressed_girl
    nskoog-- hmm... i'm really not sure because although I'm finished with anat, phsio, micro.... I have not taking the epi course yet. My sister is in the same boat as me in regards to finishing the prereqs, but she still has not received an email yet either.

    I think it may just take a few days because the email was personalized with the applicants name.

    Fingers crossed for everyone!!!
  3. by   Asherah
    If the whole reasoning behind sending out email notifications is to facilitate decision making if you've applied to other programs, it would seem to me that they would send rejection notifications in the same time frame as well?

    I know that they probably want to be very careful when sending emails so they don't get frivolously sent to the wrong applicant. There are 60 acceptances to send, so I could understand why it would take some time if there is one person to do it.

    I'm going to try and hang in there (here).

    Stressed: You going to start a Accepted to UCLA MECN thread for us?
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  4. by   stressed_girl
    great idea asherah-- just started one!
  5. by   BerkeleyMom
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  6. by   Asherah

    I totally follow what you're saying and I know in my mind that speculation will not help at all I had a theory that they categorize the applicants into those that are a shoe-in for acceptance, and perhaps those that they need to "discuss further" or those whose applications gets passed around the committee a few times.

    In my eyes, an acceptance is an acceptance and I don't care if I get mine first or last, as long as I get in. Hell, I would even accept #1 on the waitlist as I know at least one person on this board who would take another school over UCLA.

    Thanks for the mutual support, you're our board Mom, for sure.
  7. by   Asherah
    So this is super-frustrating...still no email, no good news or bad news...What the heck are they trying to do to us, test our will?
  8. by   surferbruin
    I know what you mean, asherah...I'm trying to keep busy because I find myself thinking about it if I stay idle. Hang in there!! and for what it's worth, know that we're here with ya!
  9. by   Asherah
    To everyone still waiting word from UCLA, my contact within the program stated that the MECN coordinator indicated that all of the acceptance emails had been sent. She did mention that a confirmation phone call to the UCLA office might not be a bad idea so you have the official word before you make any important decisions with other programs.

    I'm afraid this doesn't bode well for most of us...take care!
  10. by   dko1
    Thanks for the update. I'm soo bummed myself. Two of my classmates got the email. So does this mean that's it and we should expect a rejection letter in the mail?
  11. by   Asherah
    Yes, I would imagine so. The only other option is waitilisting...I still don't know if I'm going to try to call and see if I can confirm the rejection over the phone.

    Two classmates that you're currently taking pre-reqs with, I assume?
  12. by   dko1
    Yep, I'm taking a one of the prereq class with them. I felt so embarassed being the one who didn't get the email.

    I'm too afraid to confirm with the UCLA office and hear the bad news.

    I have an interview with Cal State Fullerton in couple of weeks so we'll see how that goes... it's my last resort. If that doesn't fall through, I'm not sure I'll reapply next year...

    How about you, any back-up plans??
  13. by   Asherah
    Nope, no other plans for this Fall. I was very busy focusing on doing well in my pre-reqs and finding competent recommenders and honestly I didn't feel as if at that point I would be competitive enough for the other schools out there.

    I'm very disappointed, but I'm trying to snap out of it. I spent a lot of $$$ taking Epidemiology as well. I need to finish my my last pre-req (Physio) this semester and being out of it mentally won't help. I'm also going to study for the GRE after spring semester ends and take it in August as I will most likely apply to more schools next time that will require it. If I apply to UCLA again the applicant pool will be even larger next year, so that is also discouraging. I have to remember that I can't change the quality of my competition, I can only improve myself so I may be a better candidate.

    I may ask to meet with the Asst. Dean of Student Affairs to see what I can do to improve for next year, my friend recommended that as a way to go.

    Good luck with CSUF!