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So many of the threads regarding direct-entry programs featured mainly east coast schools, there have to be a few folks out there like me who've applied to the UCLA MECN program for the Fall 2007... Read More

  1. by   stressed_girl
    hey guys!! I just got an email from shelli shephard informing me that i have been accepted to UCLA's MECN program!!!!! Oh my gawd!! This is wayy sooner than I had expected!!!

    Check your emails everyone, and update us with your news!! Good Luck!!!!!!!
  2. by   lizcakes
    Yeay stressed girl!! Congrats!! That is soo awesome!! Now I'm going to be email checking like crazy! Thanks for the info!
  3. by   Asherah
    Are you kidding! Did it contain any other info? Just yesterday she replied to me via email that it would be another two weeks!

    This isn't a cruel joke, is it?
  4. by   stressed_girl
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  5. by   dko1
    WHOOAA!! That was fast! Congratulations StressedGirl!
  6. by   Asherah
    I was just joking! Of course it looks absolutely legitimate and im super-anxious...argh!

    Now my mind starts to wonder, "what if I don't get an email today?" Look at me, I'm going nuts!

    Anyone else...anyone?! anyone!?
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  7. by   stressed_girl
    No, but you are totally right... it doesn't make sense if you just spoke to Shelli yesterday, and she said that it would be another 2 weeks!!

    Anyhow, I guess it wouldn't hurt to call her to make sure!

    And don't worry if you don't get anything in the email today, maybe the 2 weeks she was talking about is the 2 weeks she needs to send out the emails!!

    Thanks for the congrats everyone!! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE!!! I can't wait to hear your good news!!!
  8. by   Asherah way, you broke the seal, you're the first...I'm personally holding you responsible for my hyperanxiety from this point forward
  9. by   stressed_girl

    Breathe!!! Breathe!!!!

    Very soon, very soon!!!
  10. by   Asherah
    I just made myself a cup of tea to try to soothe my nerves...I just dont want to be sitting in class from 5:30-10pm tonight checking Gmail on my phone and not be able to pay attention! I'd rather go there with an elated demeanor, of course.
  11. by   nskoog
    See this is why it's dangerous to check these forums because now I am seriously anxious:uhoh21: LOL...I really hope they don't keep us waiting for that much longer. Hey stressed_girl, do you think they notified you first because you're finished with all your pre-reqs? I know I'm still taking Physio right now...hmmmm
  12. by   Asherah
    So no one else has received anything thus far...? About an hour later? What do you all think, is email anxiety better than letter anxiety?
  13. by   lestelle12
    Hi all,
    Newbie here....but I also received an email from UCLA today letting me know I was admitted. I'm still finishing up my pre-reqs, so I do not think that is a factor but maybe they are email in alpha order. I actually was also accepted at UCSF last week so I have to do some decision making. Good luck to everyone!