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So many of the threads regarding direct-entry programs featured mainly east coast schools, there have to be a few folks out there like me who've applied to the UCLA MECN program for the Fall 2007... Read More

  1. by   dko1
    Thanks Asherah! I've contacted Shelli whether we will be receiving the admissions decision letter through email or by mail. She said that we will be notified by mail of the faculty committee's decision in late March/early.

    I know it's wishful thinking, but hopefully we all get a unexpected pleasant surprise sooner than we think.

    I spoke to one of the doctoral students in the UCLA SON and she said that there were 1100 applicants for the BSN program at UCLA for 50 spots. So we are at a much better position than those applying for undergrad there.

    We all have to stay strong and encouraged through this stressful process. I've gotta say that this forum has been encouraging through this process for me.
  2. by   lizcakes
    Welcome dko1 and thanks for the info. I'm with you on the wishful thinking that *maybe* we will hear good news sooner
  3. by   Asherah
    Okay, I broke down and emailed Shelli this morning to try to sneak out a more specific notification date. I received the following reply:

    The faculty committee is making its final decisions now. You can expect to hear from us by mail in the next couple of weeks.

    So nothing surprising here, late-March. Fortunately, the last few weeks have gone by surprisingly fast. I'm taking Physio and the pharmacology class offered at my local JC, so its keeping me busy at least

    Hang in there, everyone!
  4. by   dko1
    Thanks for emailing Shelli. Okay, so late March.... Well it's better than early April. At least we know that we would be hearing from them soon, a couple of weeks. It'll fly by, almost there. Thanks for the update!
  5. by   Asherah

    I noticed you're in Westwood, are you a currently a UCLA student? Recent grad, finishing up undergrad or none of the above and just conveniently located near the campus?
  6. by   dko1
    Hi Asherah,

    Actually, my husband is finishing up his master's at UCLA so we live at university village. I graduated last June with a BA in Sociology from Cal Poly Pomona.

    Thanks for inquiring. UCLA would ideal because my husband is there, but we'll see what the future holds.
  7. by   lizcakes
    Hey Asherah,
    Thanks for emailing Shelli again Quick question: Does the pharmacology class you are taking satisfy the CNA/Nurse fundamentals course?
  8. by   Asherah
    Nope, I'm just taking it for fun and to get a head start (we actually use the same text as the Adv. Pharm class that is part of the MECN curriculum, so I figured it couldn't hurt).

    The only way to get around the requirement is if you are a CNA. The fundamentals class as far as I know will still be offered before Fall quarter as it was last year. Last fall it was a 3-week program offered in August through a local ROP vocational program in Torrance, but you know that could all change!

    For what its worth, the student that I've talked to also stated that it was kind of a silly course to need to take with lots of basics and common sense information but it provided a bonding experience for the students before the quarter started.
  9. by   K-shizzle
    I applied to the MECN program as well. I can't handle this waiting!! I've already been admitted to Azusa Pacific University's SCAN program so I'm just waiting to hear from UCLA before I make my final decision. Would any of you happen to know any comparisons about the 2 programs? I know the SCAN program offers the NP and CNS route and is 3 years. Other than that (as well as price and location), I'm not sure. Only about a week and a half until mid-March!!
  10. by   Asherah

    I don't know anything about Azusa's programs so I'm afraid I can't do an accurate comparison for you. I can say that the MECN program is a 2-year (well, 21 month) generalist program so it doesn't offer an NP or CNS route as you report that Azusa does.

    Again, welcome. Finally some folks are crawling out of the internet wood-work, I've felt so lonely around here since December!
  11. by   nskoog
    I am with you all in this one. It's very hard to sit and wait for these letters when it seems like everyone else in the country already knows where they are going to be studying next year! I'm hoping they do send them out before April because this is killing me... ah well, at least it's around the corner:wink2:
  12. by   surferbruin
    Hi all!

    I completely feel everyone on how anxious and stressful of a time this is...simply waiting for a response! I got into Western U's program and am now waiting on UCLA and CSULB.

    Has anyone already taken the epidemiology course? I know UCLA offers it but I'm wondering if there are more affordable places that might offer it too...
  13. by   Asherah
    I took Epi at CSU Fullerton in the Fall...which cost an arm and a leg ($800 with a parking permit as an extension student), but I wanted to get it over with and it turned out to be a very interesting course, I enjoyed my professor a lot. I know that you may be able to take it at UCLA during the summer if you are accepted, they usually offer a summer session.

    Also, the UCLA provided list indicates that for now the only accepted Epi courses (in lieu of the UCLA offered course) are those offered at the CSUs and SFSU.
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