Advanced Patho stress!

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling the stress.... the huge amount of information crammed into a summer session of patho is mind boggling...... and to beat it all, our July 3rd class, (the last class) is cancelled, because of the school being closed that day for the holiday.. he just figured this out... so what we will do for that information is yet to be determined.. (we have a test the following week "over the July 3rd material).. which is the last class day... HELP!!!
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  3. by   Christen, ANP
    All I can say is hang in there! You've almost made it! Patho and Pharm both have staggaringly large amounts of information to "learn" in a short amount of time. Just take it one test at the time, and realize that YOU CAN DO THIS!
  4. by   buster4
    Thank you for the words of encouragement!!!!! I do appreciate them!
  5. by   volunteerpioneer
    i took advanced patho this past spring and even i was overwhelmed. you are a true champ for cramming it into a summer session!
    all i can say too is, if you think you're stressed, there are probably a couple dozen individuals in your class also feeling the burn.. you are never alone in your struggles in nursing school, even if you think you are find comfort in that and good luck!
  6. by   ghillbert
    Just rememeber you don't need to know EVERYTHING. You need to know what is important, and know those things well. Otherwise, you need to know enough to understand the basis of disease. If there's anything specifically you have trouble with, please post about it. Otherwise, I found when I took it recently that it took a LOT of study (which I don't usually do in such depth) and repetition to recall everything. Study hard and study early after learning something! Try to think of patients you've had with various disorders to remember symptoms etc.
  7. by   inthesky
    I can relate. I just finished a 5 week neuropsychopathology class. It make it worse, the professor is an absent slacker and missed the first week and other than online discussions it was pure book learning without handouts or recorded lectures. 100 page neurotransmitter brain structure reading at a pop is near impossible. I'm going to pass the class because the exams are open book unlimited time and for papers, I can use my book and the internet. I almost felt the physical pain of my neurons dying of excitotoxicity today. The program is 4 years long so hopefully I'll get this eventually =P I recommend frequent getting up and walking around between readings. One good way to test your understanding is attempting to teach someone else what you are learning. (I didn't actually grasp my own material well enough to do that besides really general stuff >_<).