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I need some advice, i am a few months away from graduating as an RN. How do i go about getting my Masters? Do I have to be working to apply to do it? Some advice required.:confused:

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Some schools won't let you in unless you have at least a year of experience. Do you have a BSN? I'd say write or talk to the schools you're thinking of attending. You can do a google search online for schools and see what sites say too.

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Phone a school near you that you know offers the MSN. They probably have a website too that might answer basic questions. Remember that your state university is probably cheaper than online schools. Most all MSN programs have all, or most, of the degree program online.

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You do not give enough information to help you.

Where are you? What kind of nursing degree are you completing? What do you want a masters degree in? What type of job do you plan to use the masters for?

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