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Hi, all,

I'm looking for the cheapest and shortest post grad PMHNP certificate program. I live in SoCal. So far, I found National University that offers a program for less than 10 months, but their tuition is expensive (about $30K+). I'm hoping to find a program that is less than $25K. Does anyone know any programs?

A 100% online program is preferred.


Please look for a program that provides quality over quick and cheap- preferably one that offers real training in some psychotherapy too. I know a lot of people claim the online programs are just as good but a program that offers you training in 10 months is questionable. These are the kind of threads that end up on that mid level *** site some MDs have set up. 


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I'm at Old Dominion. 12 months. 11k. Totally hate it. It's all tests. Hard tests. Highest score on the last one was an 80. Everyone is in danger of failing and stressed. 

I've also seen U of Michigan Flint is 18 credits hours. Ohio University... there's several 12 month programs. Hawaii Pacific is 12-18 months. 


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Hello, Take a look at University of North Alabama. This program is very inexpensive ( 400-450 a credit) and depending on your MSN, you can finish in 10-18 months. I have a MSN-ED, but because I took the 3 P's, I get right into the Core.


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