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Okay I've see numerous websites and have heard a lot of talk about the phasing out of the MSN in 2015; instead of BSN>MSN>DNP, you will be able to go BSN>DNP using a post-BSN program. I am a 16 yr old junior in highschool and I want to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. My goal is to finish high school, apply to Southern's Nursinh School (pass the NCLEX, etc.), I would then need to work 1-2 years in a NICU in order to get accepted into a post BSN-DNP program.

Here is where the dilemma comes into play, as of right now Loyola is the only university in Louisiana that hasa Post BSN-DNP program (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/5/prweb9470745.htm); however they do not have the "NNP" specialty. Once I finish this program I would be a Family Nurse Practitioner, which is not what I need because I want to work in the NICU. So my question is what do I do? I'm only a junior, so will there hopefully be more post BSN-DNP programs that specialize in Neonatal when it's time?

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Have you thought of doing an ASN program then an RN-BSN program? It's much faster than just going for the traditional BSN program because it takes about 2 1/2 years to finish the ASN program, you take the NCLEX and become an RN, then do the RN-BSN online and finish in a year. By the time you finish your BSN, you'll also have that one year experience.

Either way, good luck in your endeavors :)

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