Possible to see patients 3 days/wk FT?


I have an interview with a HH company later this week. Is it possible to work 3 days a week and get the minimum 25 visits in on those 3 days? Is it ever a possibility to work on Saturday(I'd prefer to do some visits on Saturday mornings if possible.)Can someone shed some light into their FT hours worked on a typical week?


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I am not sure if you can or not. That would mean you would most likely need to work a 12 hour day, see at MINIMUM 8 patients per day and convince some patients to have early morning or early evening visits. This would not leave too much wiggle room for patients that might need to reschedule visits, patients that might need multiple visits per week and I don't know if you are looking to be a case manager so I don't know if you will have your own case load or just do nursing visits so patients get the required number of nursing visits per week. There are too many variables (I've just cited a very few) to really answer your question. Plus I don't know the requirements that the agency expects.

I wish you good luck in your interview.


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I work HH per diem and asked of I worked full time if I could bunch my patients up in 3 days. My boss said I could but I'd have to be available the 5 days..... I am not exactly sure what she meant by that but I think if you know who you have to see for the week then u can keep seeing people everyday until you get tired or its too late.? I think it's possible but you will probably have a fourth day with one or two patients to see if you weren't able to see them in those three days. HH is hard to schedule.


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Also, Labs PT/INR orders need to be done when ordered. i.e. PT/INR, UA/CS on Tues. Probably will need the other 2

days to finish your mountain of paperwork from the day before. I'm trying the mon,wed,fri part time right now and

its not working for me per deim. If you get an admit also it needs to be done in 24 h.


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Its hard to only work 3 days and manage patients. If the patient is having a issue on your day off (and they always do), you'll have to find someone to cover for you or go see them. If the patient gets admitted to the hospital, guarenteed he will need a resumption of care on your day off. And start of care visits don't always happen on the day you want them too. Home Care works best if you're flexible. I've done a 3 day schedule with part-time but not full time.