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My fiancé is applying to a few grad schools around the US and there is a high possibility we will be relocating to North Carolina this Fall (Chapel Hill area). Is it uncommon to be able to land a job at one of the area hospitals without living in NC (phone interview, Skype, etc)? We are moving from MA and I have 4 years of experience, mostly in acute care (medical-surgical, telemetry, stepdown).

Are there any hospitals that anyone recommends in particular (pay, ratios, etc.)? Also if anyone has any recommendations on best areas to live, that would be helpful.

Thank you!

Hi Mass Nurse- UNC Chapel Hill Hospital is the only hospital in Chapel Hill. It is a large referral center (around 950 beds), so there are plenty of jobs. If you are used to working in a teaching hospital, you will probably like the work environment. Chapel Hill is pretty expensive to live in, so many people commute from Durham ( 4-12 miles away, depending on where you live in Durham). Parking for hospital employees is one of the things that most people complain about. New hires usually get assigned to park-and-ride lots that are 2-4 miles from the hospital. It can take years to accumulate enough state employee time to get reassigned to on-campus parking, and perhaps 8-10 years to get a convenient parking garage assignment. It used to be easier for nurses to get good parking, but the university changed the rules a couple of years ago. ? Not sure who gets all of those "across the street" from the hospital parking garage spaces now-professors-graduate students-who knows?????

Good luck in your job search.

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