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Possible to oriente as a CNA while in Nursing school ?

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So I got my CNA certification back in December (I was on Winter break). I am now back in school and going to start my CNA orientation tomorrow! My question is, is it possible to oriente while in nursing school? I have exams back to back nearly every week and told them I won’t be taking shifts on exam weeks and will not be doing more than 20 hours weekly. However they have said I MUST oriente within 3 weeks. Now, I have never been a CNA before, so I am confused if this is even possible or if I should just wait till Summer to be able to work FT hours. Btw I signed up per diem, so it’s a pretty strange situation. Has anyone been in Nursing School and oriented as a CNA for the first time? I am afraid of not knowing how to manage up to 10 patients! Also, this is LTC. The job pays very badly, I only chose this place due to being 5 mim from my home, but I really just want the experience. What does everyone think? Thanks!

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