3 possible job options, cannot decide and need insight!

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I'm an LPN new grad and am decided b/t 3 positions at the time, 3 very different positions.

For starters, I am late 30's with 3 active kids in weekend sports, mostly in the Spring but some in the fall as well. 

Job #1 is telemetry unit at a local hospital (they just started opening back up to LPN's), rotating shifts 7-7, with every other weekend. 2 12's per week. Second lowest paying, by $1 (except for shift differential). Would use the most "skill".

Job #2 is pediatrician office, 3 days per week (not set days), 1 Saturday (for 4 hours) every 6 weeks. No holidays. Weekly hours anywhere from 24-30 in those 3 days. Lowest paying of the 3 jobs. 

Job #3 is at an LTC. 24 hours per week (unsure if it's 3 8's or 2 12's.). Pay is amazing and differential is even better. Likely some weekends and holidays. But concerned about the stress that comes along with LTC (or everything I hear ...)

I am unsure if I will go back to get my ADN ... that is the plan, but it likely won't be for another 2 years, so I'd potentially like to keep whatever job I get until I actually am finished with the ADN - which could be about 3.5 years in its entirety. 

My husband is super supportive in whatever I do, but I cannot come to terms with either. This program was super hard in itself and I just want to do something that I will be proud of, after all of that hard work getting this license, but I don't want to overdo it and regret taking a specific job just b/c "it sounded cool" and feel like I made the wrong decision. 


If anyone is in a similar situation, or can offer any kind of guidance if you've had any of these jobs, please do share!

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Avoid the LTC, pay isn't everything. Holidays and weekends will definitely be on the menu, as it's a 24/7 business. I'd go the Dr office. Lower pay, but holidays and weekends for your kids

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Hoosier, you beat me to the same posting. Except to say the tele unit is HOSP. You're talking holidays! And 24/7 for bad weather.

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12 hours ago, amoLucia said:

Hoosier, you beat me to the same posting. Except to say the tele unit is HOSP. You're talking holidays! And 24/7 for bad weather.

Yep, I meant to add that as well. If OP can afford it, take the Dr office job

Drs Office 100%, the pay isn't worth it at LTC, and with children you'll want the holidays off. Less Pay but still enough to keep your skills and keep your life balanced.

Thank you all so much!

I know this is a relative topic, but I honestly do feel such relief by asking others who have been nurses long enough to know how this would affect everyday life as well. I truly appreciate all of you for taking the time to respond! 

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