Possible C-diff?


This is a rather disgusting and gross question and I am apologizing for it now.

So for the past 4 days now I have had liquid diarrhea and the smell is horrible. It reminds me about a mix of rotten eggs and a little like dog poop. It started this past Friday and I threw up twice within 20 minutes and then I had horrible stomach cramps across my whole abdomen. Ever since then, I have not had anything close to a solid bowel movement and the smell is ridiculous. I feel like the odor is just reeking off of me. Everyone keeps saying it's a stomach bug but I had a friend who had C. Diff and I was around her about a month ago and I'm just a little worried so I'm hoping someone can reassure me that it's just a stomach bug.

Thank you so much!

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Per TOS, we cannot offer you medical opinions or advice. You should see your health care provider.

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