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Hey guys, I recently found out my local community college nursing program has a 2 year wait so I will be transfering to another community college with only 1 year wait. After I get my RN I'll be doing an RN-BSN program so I'd like to take care of those general ed reqs in the mean time. Is it possible for me to taking my nursing pre reqs at one school and the other general ed classes simultaneously at another? I ask because the nursing school is another 30 minutes away and it would be more convenient for me to take the general ed classes at my local school. I don't know if this is even allowed though, or if it would mess up my transcript.


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When I applied to my RN to BSN program, I had to send in transcripts from the three colleges I attended over the years. It doesn't matter how many transcripts you turn in for the RN to BSN program. You will have two separate transcripts. It shouldn't matter that you're in both at the same time.

No need to worry.

Good luck to you!


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I've taken classes at 4 different colleges. This semester I am going to take 18 hours at three different schools. You can do it. If you paln on transferring classes, just make sure they will transfer before you spend the money.

The hard part for me is remembering what class I took where! lol :rotfl:


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I took classes at more than one institution at the same time. There's nothing wrong with it, and it was the only way I could get my prereqs done in time. Besides, one of the CC's would not have let me take 20 credits, which is what I ended up taking one semester. Turned out to be good prep for my nursing program!

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