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As most of you know I am a "non-traditional" student nurse. While at my age (almost 46) I am able to look at "negative" posting objectively, some that are younger and just entering the field might not be able to.

I understand that there are alot of unresolved issues with the nursing field and I know this message board is a good place to write about it, but I was hoping that maybe we could start a forum where those that are new to the field or considering it could read some positive thoughts about nursing.

Perhaps you have a "good thing" experience to tell that would cast a positive outlook on the field? ;) :D :cool: :p

I can't believe no one has posted anything yet!!! :eek:

I have good experiences every day. Today I had time to really talk to my patients, do a lot of teaching (first time moms are always nervous :)) and even gave ...GASP...a few backrubs. (We aren't doing any non-nursing duties right now so I have a lot more time). I also got a card and a picture from a mom who wanted to thank us for all our help when she was on our unit. Her baby was a premie and in the NICU for a long time and she said she would never have made it without all our support. The baby is now healthy and happy. I can't imagine another job I would want to do.

We do get a little caught up in the problems we deal with and tend to vent but essarge is on to something...

Today was a great day for me because I was off, and not on call either..haha. But seriously, I get tremendous satisfaction from the role I play as a nurse.

Specifically, I work as a Hospice nurse. I have plenty of time to talk with patients and their families, I give plenty of backrubs, and hugs. I can take the time I need to make sure everything is done to keep the patient out of pain, nausea, and anything else. When they are actively dying I am able to be there to hold their hand and ease the family. I get to work with a team that is supportive and we all have the same goal.

Sometimes we feel we are in a thankless profession. I am fortunate to be overthanked. I receive heaps of praise from family members before, during, and after my charge has passed away. I am often thanked afterward by personal cards sent to my employer and in ads taken out in the newspaper. Currently I am working in a small community awaiting a return to Tampa and everyone in town knows I am the "Hospice Nurse". The gratitude is, at times, surprizing and overwhelming.

I have to say nursing has been very rewarding for me indeed.

Some more perks...

With the shortage on the way you absolutely have job security.

For entry level requiring only a two year degree the pay is really good with good benefits.

There are about a thousand niches within the field so you should all be able to find what ideally suits you.

Hey, nursing ain't so bad after all!!


the smile in your patients faces when they see you would be enough...a look of gratitude...a simple thank you...and the realization that you helped them get through a very tough time...

:cool: I knew there were some good stories out there....how about some more? These are great!!

I know at my school, it's always nice to talk about something positive and being able to tell a great story that someone in the field has given is what makes a day after a final in A&P or chemistry!!

Let's get some more stories!!!

Positives in nursing. Of course there are, I love working with the geriatric population and they love me and let me know..........Now I work home health and have only one patient at a time.......Wow what a difference from the facility. One on one is awesome....and they say they love me and that I do an excellent job. I have send the results of my expertise and efforts. It is great and I am loving it. Rewarding!? YES! ;)

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