Positive TB skin test. What now?

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I just found out I had a positive skin test. I go in for the chest x-ray tomorrow. I'm thinking about refusing the antibiotics if its latent because of the side effects that are associated with them. The nurse practitioner even said, ultimately its up to me but to beware the meds are brutal on the body. I really don't want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally miserable during this first year of nursing school. But I am worried that refusing the meds will cause issues with internship and job prospects down the line.

I'm also thinking about have the blood test done just because I do have very sensitive skin and the whole area around it is extremely itchy, I have a burning sensation, and my arm aches if its in a certain position. All that makes me think it all could be an allergic reaction.

Any advice? Should I just suck it up and take the meds?

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Per the Terms of Service, we cannot offer medical advice about your situation and whether or not you should take the medications. Please discuss your questions with your primary physician to make an informed decision.

Once you get the results of the chest x-ray you will have a better idea about how you need to proceed. Future schools and employers will be informed of your results when you take a pre-employment physical. You will need to ask each place individually to learn their policy regarding antibiotics for a positive chest x-ray.

If your CXR is normal, then I doubt the positive ppd will affect your job prospects.

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This is something we cannot advise. You need to pose your questions and your concerns to your primary Healthcare Provider. We wish you well.

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