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  1. (So glad I stumbled across this website again after almost 6 years! I need to change my username because I am not an aspiring nurse anymore, I have been a nurse for almost 3 years! 😊) Anyway, I really
  2. I wanted to start a new thread for those of us applying to Houston new grad nurse residency programs to ask questions and share information. I am brand new to this site so I hope Im doing this correct
  3. I am trying to feel out if anyone else has declined the Covid vaccine and feeling backlash or tension with other co-workers? I have never heard so much discussion regarding nurse receiving or declinin
  4. Hey everyone! I havent seen a post for Fall 2021 yet so here it is! My choices are: 1. UofT 2. McMaster 3. Nipissing SPP I started my OUAC application in November and now trying to work on the supplem
  5. Starting a thread for applicants in 2021 year.
  6. Hello! This will be the thread for all those applying to Providence SOCAL April 2021! I submitted my application today. This is my second time applying. I applied for the September (didnt have my RN l
  7. What is AANP doing with those programs??? I think we should unite to take an action on such diploma mills.
  8. Hey, I just wanted to create a thread so we can share where we are applying and if/when we hear anything back. I applied to WellStar with my first choice being the ATL campus and ED. I plan to apply t
  9. I just wanted to make sure there was a place to talk about the New Grad Residency Program at UCSF that begins April 2021. Does anyone know how many applications they expect to receive for this cycle?
  10. I am coming back to this forum, after being away for many years, to communicate this message to you: Are you kidding me? Why is this profession on blast everywhere? Every Instagram post has some covid
  11. Hi everyone! I thought Id start this thread for anyone else who applied to the Northeastern Direct Entry Program for 2021!
  12. Making this thread for anyone who applied to the residency program that opened today. Good luck to everyone!
  13. Hey everyone, I thought I would start a page for anyone writing the CPNRE in Jan-Feb 2021. Please share any advice, tips or things you used that you found really prepared you for the exam! We can also
  14. Many patients asked me if God exists. I said, yes, but I failed to prove it to them? Can anyone help me?
  15. Looked for another thread but couldnt find one, anyone applying to University of Washingtons (UW) DNP program starting Autumn 2021? What track is everyone applying to? Does anyone know if any one thin
  16. Learn the facts about genital cosmetic surgery performed on children and use your influence as a healthcare professional to help make a difference in the lives of these children.
  17. Mornin all. I got my first dose today and I feel almost tearfully relieved and energized to be on this side of history. I thought I would start a thread dedicated to the experience of being vaccinated
  18. I’m a seasoned nurse with a lot of years of experience. I work hard to take care of my patients and their basic needs, and then some. But what is up with these newer grads, like in their younger 20’s?