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  1. Hello!I didnt see a thread for the SMU absn Spring 2021 cohort so I just wanted to start one! Im currently in the process of applying right now and working on my personal statements! Hope you are all
  2. #Spring2021
  3. Hello! I created this thread for those graduating in December who are applying to nurse residency programs in Houston for the Spring 2021 start date. Good luck everyone!!
  4. Hey all! I am reapplying and wanted to create this for everyone applying. I wont be as involved as I was last year, but good luck to everyone! I know theyre having seminars and allowing people to sche
  5. Hi all. Im starting a forum for NYU Spring 2021. I know the application goes live soon so might as well make one now. I applied for Fall 2020 but didnt get in so Im applying for the second time. Good
  6. (So glad I stumbled across this website again after almost 6 years! I need to change my username because I am not an aspiring nurse anymore, I have been a nurse for almost 3 years! 😊) Anyway, I really
  7. Hello everyone!I just wanted to start a thread for the Spring 2021 term at SMU. Has anyone applied or planning on applying? Feel free to drop your stats and scores!
  8. Hi Everyone,I wanted to start a thread for the Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing MSN program for August 2021 applicants. I started my application this week, aiming to get it in well before the November
  9. I havent seen a thread yet on this years nurse corps application cycle & my anxiety has made me start one. Im finishing up my application and should be done with it by today. I know its extremely
  10. Hello everyone, Are you applying to Houston, Dallas traditional, or Dallas N&W? I am applying to TWU Dallas traditional in August for Spring 2021. Right now I am finishing up some nursing core cla
  11. Hello everyone,Hopefully, this forum is found by people that are applying to CSULB for Spring 2021. We can share stats, updates, questions, and any other information related to the nursing program. I
  12. I could not find a board started for the Spring 2021 school year at Tidewater Community College. Just thought Id open one up for any applicants on here.
  13. Hi everyone!I am planning on applying to UCLAs MECN program for 2021 and since I did not see a thread here yet I wanted to get one going for us to share questions and concerns. Good luck to everyone!
  14. Hi Everyone,I wanted to start a thread for the Johns Hopkins entry into nursing MSN program for January 2021 applicants. I just started my application this week, aiming to get it in well before the Ju
  15. Stony Brook School of Nursing has recently opened the undergraduate application portal for the 2021 school year. I was part of an allnurses thread for their Basic BSN program last year, and the inform
  16. Hi! Does anyone know if LPCH will still be opening up their new grad app for the Fall 2020 cohort or if it will be delayed due to the pandemic? I know the app should be opening up in April but their w
  17. Anyone Applying to the fall 2020 Nursing program at broward college , that is getting ready to take or have taken the HESI ?
  18. The Fall 2021 application for Emory opens tomorrow so I wanted to create this thread for people to connect, share experiences with the application process, and stats (if you choose to). Good luck ever