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Popular ADN vs More Expensive BSN

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Sounds great! One thing I have done is complete pre-req requirements not only for an ADN at a community college, but also pre-reqs to apply for a BSN at a state college. This has afforded me the opportunity to pay less money for my under grad requirements.

Good luck!

Funny thing, I am changing careers and did not realize over the years (since 1998) I had fulfilled almost all of my GenEd/prerequisites! General Psychology I did online last semester. I'm taking two 3 unit and one 2 unit class to help increase my units to move me up in early registration for Spring 2015 to get into the classes that are filled up so fast. I'm #2 on Chemistry and #10 on A&P1.

Again, thanks everyone. I'm thankful for this site and your participation. I've been reading this site since January (before I even created an account) and have learned so much!

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