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Ok, I have yet ANOTHER true L&D story. Actually I have two....

One is a very, very huge woman who just delivered. Functions just fine. Yes, she is about 300 lbs but can still do her own ADLs. Anyway she is up to the bathroom for the first time after delivery - insists on taking a shower, and having ME shower her. Ok, a little weird, but whatever. So there I am, showering her down, and obviously squirting the blood off from her perineum, and I thought I was doing a pretty good job -and then she says "honey, don't be afraid to get up IN there!"

OH....MY.....GOD. I had to hold myself back from THROWING UP.

Story #2: A patient is up to the shower, PP day #2, and for some strange reason, lets a loaf go in the shower stall. Instead of being embarrassed and simply picking it up herself and throwing it in the toilet - calls for HER NURSE to come and pick up her log FOR HER! What the hell?? The nurse refused....ha ha.

ewwww another example of how patients sometimes don't see nurses as fellow humans

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