Pomona Valley Hospital


I am looking into taking a position in ICU at Pomona Valley Hospital. Has anyone ever traveled there before? Any thoughts? Good or bad?


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Great lil' hospital. Worked there back in '07

It's a union facility so expect to get some s#!tty assignments when you take the floor (they look out for their own).

It's the "Inland Empire" which means it will be hot for the summer. It's not the coast but there are LOTS to do in this area.

I'm down the street in Riverside. Chino Hills, Corona, Loma Linda and Riverside all have extra shifts if you want to pick up extra $$$. Registry pays really well here. Good Luck


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wow thank you so much for this great info!


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I'm on vacation right now and staying with family down the street from This hospital. It looks like a nice small place. Make sure you stay within 5 miles of the hospital because traffic on the expressway here is horrid.