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Dear Nurses...I wrote a poem that is a tribute to night nurses everywhere...It was based on my caring for an AIDS patient who was in our hospital for a long time before his death...we nurses became quite attached to him and admired his strength, faith and courage. The poem is as follows:


Who watches o'er me while I sleep?

Who soothes my fevered brow?

Who holds my hand and calms my fears,

Who wipes away my midnight tears?

The nights are long and dark and drear.

Each breath a struggle made.

My limbs are cold and damp with dew,

And ghosts of doom my dreams invade.

Then sure and silent in the light-

Appears a spectre dressed in white

Who chases demons of the night.

An act of comfort, pain subsides.

A calming word, my fears take flight.

The night is warm now, faith renewd,

Dark shadows fade to let dawn through.

Now see the figures dressed in white -

The tired nurses of the night.

No questions now, indeed I know -

Who watches.


Wonderful. Have you submitted it anywhere for puplication? You should. You have many gifts......compassion, and poetry......and also being what a Nurse is about.


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Dear Luvlife,

What an excellent poem!

As P RN mentioned, I think that you should submit this poem and have it published in a National Nursing magazine! I believe that RN and AJN have a section for poems written by nurses!


Dear Luv,

Great poem! Reminds me of an AIDS pt. I took care of when working nights at our county hospital. Thank you for sharing. And speaking of sharing, there is a poetry site you can send this to. It's "www.poetry.com" and they would be happy to have it. Also it can actually be copyrighted as well as published on their site for all to see and read. Keep up the good work in all you do!


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