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Hey all, I'm new to allnurses. First I have to say that this site is awesome, I've been trolling the forums and have learned alot of things. I'm about to take the hesi + interview for PMI in Mesa, Arizona and I wonder if any of the current PMI students or graduates can give me any additional information or advice on them. Do I have to pass the HESI in order to get accepted? and what kind of questions do they ask for the interview? how long is the HESI etc how to survive in Arizona weather. I'm coming all the way from Washington state so any advice would be appreciated!

and yes i am a male nursing student hopeful.


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They will ask you questions about why you want to become a nurse. They will ask you about your study habits and your willingness to be dedicated to the nursing program. Just be yourself they understand the need for diversity when it comes to nursing. All I could do to help ease my anxiety during my interview was to tell a joke or two, it helped lighten the mood. The HESI only tests reading and math skills so you should do just fine! I love the education that I am recieving. At clinicals I am always prepared I never feel like wow was I absent when they went over that? Anyway goodluck to you.


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Well I wish you luck w/ Pima Med Inst, I found their sales pitches to be great, but their treatment of incoming students to be the WORST of any school I've ever applied to.! I was waiting to hear from their radiography dpt about acceptance, and I left 1 or 2 VMs/dy, it was time sensitive and I needed to know, I gave them DAYS to respond to me, I called the director directly w/ same qstns; in the meantime I went over to Apollo and was Immediatly accepted into radiography AND their RN pgm, I took RN.

About 1 month later they called me about an "opening" as if nothing had ever happened, they could not answer my qstns about the non returned phone calls. They do not care. Here's the killer- I flew halfway across the country to interview for that rad spot, it cost a fortune. That was about the most inconsiderate treatment I've ever gotten from a school.

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