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PMHNP program

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I have been revisiting the idea of going back to school but the options seem endless and overwhelming. Does anyone recommend (or not recommend) their PMHNP program? I am also torn on online vs. in person or a blended program. Any advice is really appreciated! Hope everyone is staying safe!

umbdude, MSN, NP

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Options aren't endless. What are your own criteria? Location? Reputation of the school? Costs? MSN or DNP? Direct-Entry or Traditional? Guarantee clinical placements?

IMO, in-person is critical for advanced health assessment and all specialty courses (psych). All the other courses could be online but I would not attend a school that doesn't have live (synchronous) lectures. I also would not attend any online programs that use discussion boards (they're completely useless).

chuva09, BSN, MSN, RN

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Wilkes University. I am currently taking BSN-MSN PMHNP there. Over all good experience so far.

22 hours ago, chuva09 said:

Wilkes University. I am currently taking BSN-MSN PMHNP there. Over all good experience so far.

Can you please give some info on it? Tuition, entrance, course work and what not?

verene, MSN

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Online or in-person make sure you go to a program that has a strong regional reputation and which secures clinical preceptors for students. I went to a B&M program which as we moved through the program went from totally in-person to hybrid in terms of coursework with clinical taking up more and more time and more classwork online. While we were allowed input in to our clinical placements our school provided placements with vetted preceptors and had periodic faculty drop-ins on our clinical sites. Clinical is where you will learn a TON and really gain competence and confidence as a student so having good sites/preceptors is critical.

Just reading around posts on this site and you can get a picture of the headaches of not having a preceptor and stress of student's whose school's burden them with finding those to train them in clinical practice - or who have terrible experiences with preceptors who don't want students and who have no idea of the school's requirements for clinicals.