PMHNP preceptorships


Hi.  May I ask what the responsibilities expected of students in preceptorships for psych NP are?  Are we shadowing or actually offering our opinions for prescribing/treating, etc?  Are we ever on the floor in capacity of nurse or strictly NP?  (I'm curious as to safety reasons)

Any advice appreciated!


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You do NOT shadow, you will be expected to provider services, suggest treatment and chart. Then you will report to your preceptor and he or she will agree or disagree with you .

Most likely you would be in outpatient clinic in NP role

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OK, thank you, then a lot like RN clinicals.  I know they told me the preceptorship would be in conjunction with whatever my coursework was, like my pediatric course would be taken alongside peds clinicals/preceptor.  Peds is what I'm most worried about; its not my favorite, at least it wasn't in RN school.  However, my own son has been diagnosed ADHD/spectrum since age 6 and so I've been through all that including ODD and he is now 15 with dx of mild mood disorder as well so we have been through so much with him so hopefully I can draw on my experience with him to I guess reassure myself somewhat.  Sorry to ramble; just thinking out loud. .  But thank you for your response.