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PMHNP Post Master's Cert - Vanderbilt versus Hopkins


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Hello, I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted into both the Johns Hopkins and also the Vanderbilt PMHNP post-master's certificate options. Both are top-ranked schools for the PMHNP. I'm torn on which to go to. They are about the same cost and the same amount of time (for the post-master's cert).


- I am a Hopkins alum, so know how they work

- 100% online

- finds preceptors



- Post-master's cert first, then also accepted into DNP

- A few on-campus visits (which is fine with me)

- does not find preceptors

- Vanderbilt does seem to have a bigger psych program and they seem to have put more emphasis on the PMHNP program than Hopkins

If anyone has any advice, insights or experiences, it would be appreciated!

ThePrincessBride, BSN

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What are the costs?

Would being an alum cut the amount of time in the JH program?

With the info you have given, I would go with JH. You know the school, already have a lot of overlap in the classes AND they find preceptors for you.