PMHNP MSN online?


Hi, Please help with recommendations for online masters level PMHNP. I have been a psych nurse for about 12 years. I have a BSN with some masters credits.

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You might want to look into Eastern Kentucky University. They have the PMHNP track and is completely online.

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The University of South Alabama has the same program, with only one campus visit required right before your clinical practicum starts, and the remainder (didactic portion) is completely online. I am currently attending this program.

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I'm attending Gonzaga. They have a good program but only allow students from certain states due to doing site visits. Plus we have on campus weekends once a semester in Washington. The big thing I would recommend is finding out what the practicum requirements are for the various online PMHNP programs are. How may hours? How may with each age group (child, adult, senior)? Does your preceptor need to be a PMHNP or can they be a psychiatrist? How many years experience does the preceptor need to have? Do you have to do any group therapy? What happens if you can't find a preceptor, does the school help at all? What happens if you can't complete your practicum hours that semester (NP quits or is sick, etc)? Do they accept telepsych as a practicum? All the programs are basically the same in terms of actual papers, tests, workload. It's really about finding the right practicum requirements to fit your needs.


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Hi, I have just been accepted to the Spring 2018 for PMHNP. How are you enjoying the program? Any advice? I am planning on working 4 10 hour shifts. Thank you.