PMHNP or FNP with add on Specialty Cert in Psych NP?

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I am currently a working ER RN (4.5 years), thinking of going back to get into NP/Psych because I like psych but also because people I know have gotten multiple job offers as psych NPs before even graduating. I also live in So Cal.

Which route would be better - PMHNP or FNP with an and add on specialty cert to become PMHNP? My friends say getting the FNP first would be wise because as well as psych, you'd have the ability to manage the patients medically if necessary as well as having more clout as an FNP with a post master's cert in PMHNP. Thoughts?

It depends on what do you want to do? Do you want to handle them medically? Do you want to be a generalist? I work with NP students and for FNP you have a different set of pharm, you are accountable for pedi through geri, you have to be knowledgeable and tested over pelvic exams, etc. PMHNP are sought after and paid more because it is a specialty that requires a knowledge of drugs that most MD's do not like to mess with. As an ER nurse you know it requires immense therapeutic communication and specialized training that not everyone is cut out for. Some people like being generalist, some people prefer to be a specialist; I have not found many who do both well in my opinion.

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At 3 of the inpatient places that I have worked at the psych providers do psych and the medical providers do medical. Also the medical providers would do the H&P. At the teaching hospital that I currently work at the psych providers do medical and psych. The psych providers sometimes collaborate with pharmacists for help with the medical stuff.

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