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PMHNP 2017 fall Drexel (post masters)


So I wanted to see who else has been accepted and also see if we can start a Facebook group for all of us accepted for this fall. Just received my acceptance email a hour ago.

How long did it take for you to know you were accepted? I am still waiting for pmpsych fall 2017.

The average time

Is 6-8 weeks. It felt like forever. Are you waiting to find out about the post masters or the masters program?

Wow, okay. Post masters. I already have my fnp. I wonder what true acceptance rates are. Thx for your response.

Your welcomes. I hope you get in. I didjt think I was going to get in because the person who was in charge of helping me with the application process kept telling me this year it's been more competitive than before and that I should apply other places too.

Thx. I hope so because I didn't apply anywhere else. Yours wasn't very encouraging was sheí ½í¸œ? How did you already hear back so soon?

No she had me very scared to say the least. I applied moths ago as soon as the application window opened. I think the way she talked to me might have been a scare tactic? Which means you stand a very good chance of getting in as well.

Thats crazy. I pray I get accepted. Do you live by the school? I live in California. I will let you know the outcome.

I stay in Florida so I have to set up clinical in Florida. I really hope you get accepted too. It would be nice to have a online study buddy

Thanks I hope so too! Yes, it would be nice to have an online study buddy for sure.

im starting in the fall also , need to network , as far as study groups

Yay. Congratulations. How do I look you up on Facebook?

Noel Hamilton FNP from philly

Ok I just sent you a request

What's your Facebook info I will send you a request to the group.