Hello, everybody! Im in my second semester of nursing school and so far its not going good at all. We had our first test about a month ago and I flunked it (72) but luckly our teacher gave us extra points (89) this monday we had our second test I FAILED IT (62)


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Not really sure what you are asking? You need to take some time for introspection and figure out exactly where the problem is and what you need help with. There are some great resources here, but IMO you need to be a bit more specific.

Do you read the material? Do the workbook/end of chapter questions? do you re-read before the test? do you make flashcards? do they work? do you study with others?

Without being in your pocket there is no way to know what you are doing that you could do differently.


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I'm not sure what nursing class (med-surg?,pathophys?, ob, peds?) this was in but if you can stay in the class without having to drop make an appointment with your professor ASAP. Go over every question that you got wrong on the exam with your professor and see what they were looking for and where you went wrong with your choice so that you can get a better feel for why your professor chose the questions that they did for the exam. You can also get a better feel for where your studying went wrong for that exam.

Next get an NCLEX/testing success books and master the nclex style questions. Just keep answering those NCLEX questions. Next make a study outline for the next exam. Make sure you read before each lecture. Pretend you have a pop quiz each lecture and make cards and study like crazy before each lecture. Tape each lecture and listen to the lectures in the car. Rewrite your class notes after each lecture. Find the smartest people in your class and becomes study-partners. Learn from their study skills. Prepare for your next exam at least 2 weeks in advance and just work your tail off and it will start to pay off in your grades. Keep checking in with your professor to make sure you're on track. Go in before the next exam with your study materials and a few pointed questions and ask the professor if you are studying the right things for the next exam. You'd be surprised how much professors will give you hints if they know you're working hard and if you approach them in the right way.

If you have to drop the class, chalk this up to a bad semester, learn from your mistakes, and commit yourself to studying like crazy, no life, total-commitment, round the clock studying next semester. Don't get too down on yourself. We've all had exams or classes that we were crossing our fingers in hopes that we passed or had classes we didn't. But you can't lose this opportunity to motivate yourself towards success for the next semester. Hold your head up high, work hard, and commit to yourself that the next test will be different. Good luck!


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I would definately be watching how time is being spent and even keep a log if you are as bad as keeping to a schedule as me. If you can do the NCLEX study guide and read over that part as far as reminders of anatomy/physiology stuff. Focus on the problems and interventions of whatever system you are covering in class. In doing this, and understanding the problem/interventions it should help you in figuring out the correct answer on tests. Also, if anything you take from this post in any test remember... A,B,Cs.. always. Even if you don't think it makes sense for the question. If A,B,Cs are not clearly identified in the question but its one of your answers go for it, and if all are in your answers then choose the priority as the alphabet goes A,B,C.





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Make sure you attend every class. You might ask if you can take a voice recorder, and tape the lecture so you can listen to it later.

So far this semster (2nd semester) its been tough. I have been recording lectures, and taking notes on the powerpoints on my netbook during class. The problem is by the time I finish skills lab, clinicals, the required community service hours, careplans, practicing for checkoff, major care plans, presentations, teaching projects and preparing for skills lab I do not have time to study. I usually just listen to the voice recorded lectures in my car while I am driving. So far its been enough to pass me each time. Mind you I am only getting a 78 or so, and passing's 70, but its not bad for not doing the reading.

I would consider the voice recorder. I am trying to figure out way to better manage my time so I can get in more actual lecture study time, and up my grade. They just give us too much to do at one time.

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Does your school have a Learning center where they can assess what type of studying might work for you?? I know I am checking mine out, it's paid with the tuition and stuff so I am going to take advantage of it.

When I was in HS and JHS I got B's and Sometimes C's but I never did any homework (I was a rebel and felt HW was BS) I skipped class all the time, I never studied but I still managed to do well on Tests, which is about the only time I showed up at times. My step mom even made a teacher fail me before because I only showed up for class on tests days and ditched the other days but still had an A in the class. She raised hell, ANYWAY I do have a point. LOL

I got into College and started off with my English and Math Classes, Psych, Sociology and did well and never really needed to study. I did my HW of course but did well. I got into Science classes and man was I out of my element. I would do well on my assignments but I would bomb tests.

I honestly had NO IDEA how to study. It was foreign to me. My sister was always a 4.0 student and studying was her life and me, I had no time for that nonsense. So I really found myself about ready to give up. I would try to read and would get so bored and distracted. I was lucky to even get a C on my test. I can admit it was my own doing, I was not focused, I didn't know how to study and didn't seek help.

So when I got into Micro and Pathophysiology I changed my tune, I found a study partner, not a group, I started making flash cards and gong over them and over them on key points. I would read them out loud. My test scores started improving dramatically. Now I am gong to get the assessment to see what else might work for me so I am prepared when I start NS in August.

We are all individuals and learn different, you have to find what works for you. You have made it this far so I would assume you are not a dumb person, but something is getting in your way of focusing and absorbing the material and you have to find out what it is and what works for you. Take this as a lesson learned and find out what you can do now to change it.

I wish you the best of luck.

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