pls help me,im upset


Hi to all nurses....Im new here..I need someone to talk to... Im working here for almost a year now.

I was assigned in acute medical ward for 10 mos. everything was good,I enjoyed my work, until my manager transferred me to another ward...I dont have a choice but to accept her order..My problem is i felt that i don't have a space in that ward..and sad to say that some of my colleague's have an awfull attitude, crab mentality to be precise. They are putting each other down..I had spoken to my coordinator to transfer me to other ward,I was crying and I told him that I am unhappy working there, and he promissed that she will speak to my manager which he did...but then my manager did not agree,she just promissed that she will speak to the staff, but still the same, nothing change...for 2mos of working in that ward is a messed for me...Im still coordinator told me if someone is willing to swap with me then thats the time I can get rid of that ward....but no one likes that ward..they call that ward a hell...:angryfire not because of the work but because of some staff ...

My contract is 2 years, I have one year more...I was planning to resign but I have a loan in the bank...and it might create a problem with my clearance in the hospital...because they are asking for bank clearance..and they might hold me on my departure...What do you think guys????


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Hi, maybe you have to wait for your contract to expire or better yet talk to them and air your side and you must be discreet, I am assuming that you work here in the Philippines. If I am in that situation, I will tell my supervisor about it and suggest an open forum, you are all nurses and professionals, your supervisor will serve as a counselor to guide you all. Maybe the first topic to discuss is that what is the reason why anybody doesn't want to work there and I think the discussion will flow from there. I myself doens't want to work in a setting which I am not comfortable with especially with co-workers, I've been there. You can be hard like not minding them but it's a sort of difficult thing to do as this is not therapeutic. An open forum is I believe the best way, because maybe your co-workers are not aware of their behavior that calling their attention in a prudent way may somehow enlighten them. I don't know if I am right. It's just my opinion in this matter. I hope that I was able to impart something good here.


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Have you thought about seeing if the surrounding hospitals would buy out your contract. You shouldn't have to work with people like that.

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