Please Warn Your Kids

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Guys, we just had one child die and another remains in critical condition. They and another kid were playing in the woods just behind their house. The child who was killed grabbed a downed power line, the second was injured when the electricity jumped from the first to him. We see this type injury a couple times a year. Usually the kids are playing in trees and grab the wire. These were playing in a stream. This is one of those senseless tragedies that just drives me crazy. Please warn your kids to stay away from power lines AND if they see another kid going toward one to warn him/her, but quickly get away. There was another kid playing with them who witnessed this and had the good judgement to go get an adult rather than try to help them. Someone had taught this child well. Thanks for letting me vent, and please, please talk to your kids!


OMG those poor kids, those poor parents. So senseless, tragic.


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