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Today I found out about something that could potentially really help me---- It is a clinical study on people who smoke menthol cigarettes. Basically, after a few days of overnight stays in a facility and the Clinical Trial is over, I will receive a check for 5000 that will help me pay for school. The thing is, they will run some chest X rays on me in exactly 26 days from now and I am not a menthol cigarette smoker, but I smoke regular cigarettes. Basically, I'm wondering if they'll be able to tell that I dont smoke menthol cigarettes from the chest X rays they'll take in 26 days. Please advise. (and I know smoking is bad so please don't tell me that)

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Yes there are ways they can tell and if you are interested in doing future studies you will be banned for lying as it impacts the integrity of the study. I worked for a contact research organization, one of the few that conducted smoking studies.

There was a study that required menthol smokers and sever tried to sneak in that were not and each got caught. I don't recall the testing used because I did not work on the study with the participants due to my asthma. There were some very unhappy smokers that were discharged without payment and banned for deception.

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I am sorry as per the Terms of Service we cannot offer medical advice nor can we give legal advice about not complying with the details of you agreement with this study and your liability.

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