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Hey all!

So here is my situation. I have a BS degree, I have completed 1 semester of nursing school (BSN program at a large public university) and have decided to not continue in this program (partly because I am unhappy with the area/program and cost). My end goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. I did very well in the first semester of nursing school. I would ideally like to start nursing school again in January, but I don't really know where to go from here.

I was thinking of possibly applying to other accelerated BSN programs that cost less, are shorter, and would possibly accept transfer credits. But are there any schools with deadlines that haven't passed for the class starting in January?

Or should I switch to the ASN route and then apply to a masters program. Or should I apply to a direct-entry masters program?

Does anyone know of any schools that accept transfer credits? Are there any schools with a January start whose deadlines have not passed?

SO confused and down in the dumps right now.

I desperately need some advice - any is appreciated!

Transfer credits are up to the institution that you are planning to attend. They all have their policies on how many credits they will accept and a lot of it depends on whether or not the various schools involved are accredited by the same accrediting agencies.

You probably can't get in for January but have you looked here Community-based Family Nurse Practitioner Track (CFNP) | Frontier Nursing University ? A direct entry masters program (at any school) might be a good option for you at this point since you already have a BS degree.

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Very few places accept other nursing courses; because each school sets up their curriculum somewhat differently, not all fundamental classes are exactly the same, nor pharmacology. Some put parts of them into later semesters under specific disciplines (ie, peds pharm), others do all of it in the one class.

Many traditional MSN courses require the BSN (mine did), I don't know how well the ADN route would do for your goals.... Not all, but many.

The question really is, can you make your current program work? Other nursing programs are not likely to be all that different, we may set them up differently but in the end you get pretty much all the same education and learning. How many more semesters do you have? (My BSN had 5 semesters) So many schools have waiting lists, bailing now may not be in your best interests scholastically. Only you can answer for your best interests as far as conditions and location.

Good luck!

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